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Jan, 2018

Misty Mountain

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Behind The Lens

I took this photo in my back yard. I’ve created the background myself from photoshop. The ground and the girl are a part of the original photo i took and the rest of the photography is a photoshop manipulation
I took this photo around 4pm
All lighting was just simply natural light. The sun is a photographers most beautiful light with the clouds as the most stunning diffuser
I used a Nikon D700 with a 55mm-200mm lens. No flash or tripod needed with natural light from the sun and arms.
I looked outside and was blinded by the beauty of the snow. And i know i wanted to shoot something with great contrast and i just so happened tonhave this amazing black dress in my collection of costumes. The orgal background wasn’t really working for me so i started thinking ‘what landscape most represents the wonders of adevture and mystery?” My mind immediately jumped to mountains. I wanted the viewer to look at this photo and thrive to have an adventure, thrive to go embrace the unknown.
Of course! I love manipulating photos in photoshop! I can’t tell you how many PNGs i have saved in my desktop. The sky and the mountains are both pngs so this photo is three pictures in one. I started with a blank white canvas and added the sky, mountains, then my original photo and worked through the tools of photoshop to make the picture blend flawlessly.
In my camera bag
I always have two strobes lights and a ring light with me when i go on shoots. I carry mutiple lenses including my macro lens.
If you are trying to do a photo manipulation really focus on your lighting in each picture and on the blending. Definitely take your time just studying the photos a part and as a whole to be able to adjust accordingly.

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