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dustinwright_5459 November 03, 2023
Hi I’m Dustin. From Paducah Ky
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken at Saint Edwards Park in Kenmore WA. We were out for a hike and enjoying the pleasing sights of trees and nature that the PNW has to offer. This was taken on my first photoshoot hike of the summer. I just started this photography journey so this hike was a very joyous experience!
The summer was just starting and the day was beautiful. The sun was out and the flowers were blooming. My partner and I decided to make the best of this summer day and celebrate my leaving my current work. The hike was worth the trip and the view at Lake Washington made it all worth it. We came across these steps on the hike and I knew I wanted to experiment with a photo since this was my first official shoot. I had to get down on gravel and wait for passers by to get this shot but it was worth it in the end! This photo was taken at 4:11pm April 29th, 2023 on a Saturday.
The lighting was a bit difficult to work around since the sun was already past midday and in our faces. At first the photo came out very bright and honestly wasn't too noteworthy. I liked the composition of the photo and tried to work with it. I edited the photo with VSCO and messed with the lighting. I wanted to have a darker right side with a light left side. Making my partner stand out more in the photo while still keeping the scenery in mind. I'm still very new with photography and lighting is something I am trying to learn. This was great practice for me and gave me a better idea of where I want light to be.
I shot this photo with my Canon mirrorless M50 MII camera and the stock lens. No tripod or other equipment.
I have a new inspiration to take photos of nature, people, architecture and many others. I have always wanted to take photos, and never had the time or funds. Now I have a new found inspiration to do my hobbies and so I got my first camera. Nature always amazes me and seeing my partner in her element really caught my eye. I wanted to capture her where she likes to be. My partner is also a big driving force in my inspiration to take photos. She will be seen throughout many of my photos to come!
I tweaked with dodge and burn. I used that to make the sides darker and I used Vignette to help make my partner stand out more in the photo. Aside from that I just applied a filter that complimented the lighting in my favor.
In my camera bag
In my back I have a tripod with a phone holder. A LED lamp that has many lighting modes that is easy to carry with me for lighting. I carry a ring light that is portable. Six batteries. The charger for my camera and cables needed to operate it. Some lens covers and a Bluetooth remote trigger for photos. And of course my camera backpack.
When you see a moment you think would look good for a photo, take it. Don't hesitate. A lot of photos I take and have a certain image in mind, tend to be seen in different ways that I had never envisioned. It brings a bigger appreciation to what I have caught in the moment. Photos are snippets of time that make memories. When you see something you appreciate and wish to hold on to that image, take the photo. Even the quickest of photos can have such a long lasting impression.

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