Models: Elvasyster

Models: Elvasyster
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ArberElezi December 07, 2017
shivanidwivedi December 09, 2017
Fairytales.... Reminds me of Taylor Swift.
simonparry PRO+
simonparry December 11, 2017
Outstanding capture..
TheLittlePhotographer January 16, 2018
Beautiful elves and interesting background.
renaventimiglia October 09, 2018
I love this. So beautiful.
md_abid70 Feb 20
LauraMK PRO+
LauraMK Apr 16

Behind The Lens

This photo was taken this summer in our town. We have a beautiful Park nearby, which is open for the public. We go there quite often, since though it has a beautiful landscape there are not many people walking around, so it's a perfect spot for photoshoots.
It was a very sunny and warm day. I love summer for the warmth, but sunny days are always quite difficult for photoshoots. But we had luck, since some clouds came up and we always waited, when the sky became grey and we could take perfectly lighted photos.
I knew that I wanted to create a really fairytale and warm looking photo, so it was not the worst decision to shoot on a rather sunny than cloudy day, since the photos became really warm but still not too bright. This spot was also lying in the shadows, but the sun reached the top of the plants, and so it looked even more magical.
I use a Canon 5d Mark III and for this photo I used a Sigma 35mm, no flash, only a reflector to catch some more light on the models.
My inspiration was and will be always fairytales in all kinds. Though I also really love dark and mythical pictures, in Spring and Summer I always prefer to take sunny and romantic photographs. When I received these two beautiful dresses from the designer Firefly Path I knew, I really had to use my chance and take some romantic Fantasy photos. Laura and Elisa were the perfect Models, they are twin sisters and I cannot imagine any better fitting models for this theme.
Post-Processing is always a part of my work. I think that the photo must also look good in camera, but somehow it does not feel like it's ready, so the post-process is really important for me and gives the final note of my work. In this image I used two textures of lens flares and also made a light swirl of the background, to make this photo even more like "out of this world".
In my camera bag
My camera, batteries, two lenses at least,35mm and 85mm, memory cards, tissues, some makeup, hair pins, colored foiles for my flash, one or two flashes, my smartphone
In Fantasy and Romantic Photography the choice of the models and also the outfit is quite important. But for me also the background, the pose and the light is essential. Ask designers if they are interested in a collaboration and explain them as detailed as possible which theme you have in mind and what kind of outfits you would like to lend from them. And if you look for the models, make also very clear what kind of look you have in mind. It's not very helpful, either for the photographer nor the model, if you don't know how you imagine your final photo and look. Check out any locations nearby and observe how the light change during the day. Is there any daytime the light looks escpacially very magical? And for me, on of the most important parts - think about the poses, because they will change the mood of your photos. I really love those dreamy and melancholic themes, so my models mostly don't look into the camera most of the time. And another advice: Never give up! Try again and again and again. And you will succeed in the end :)

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