gauravgupta Feb 07
So dramatic, really enjoy the light's and depth...
Ejoeb7 May 09
thank you for the comment.

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Dec, 2017

wine night

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Behind The Lens

this was taken in my studio
it was taken on a late Sunday night
the light for this shoot i was using jells. two tone set up... red & purple
i was using Nikon D810 with a 50mm Nikon prime lens at 1.4F
I tend to get inspired as the shoot starts... the way each model moves is unique, it bring ideas as we shoot. I become to get creative as the shoot goes on. this shot was taken about half way through our shoot. This model in particular did not use the normal pose pose norm... she had her own style of modeling. she would be acting and moving and i would just study and move along trying to see the best shot i could capture as she moved. thus this shot came out as i study the movement. there is a settle kinetic energy on the photo... which is captures because she was moving and about to turn towards me
there was no post production on this particular photo. other then taking it from RAW format to Jpeg for publication
In my camera bag
Nikon D810, SIGMA Art Lens 85mm prime & 35mm Prime.
As i mentioned on my "inspired" question, I feel and i do it in practice, studying the composition as you shoot. work the angles, work the model. even just observing and peeking off camera. sometimes we see something different when we just observe normally rather then just staring down the cameras lens. Once i see something i like, i try to work that shot until i perfect it or i am satisfy with that i had seen on a flash moment while i observed. I am a believer of not using a tripod for shooting my reasoning is that if i constrict my self with just one angle, it will become very difficult for me capture that shoot that i am looking for. Depending what the model is doing, it will immediately trigger me to go low, or high for the shot. And if she is constantly moving, i need to be able to make that destitution in a split second to try and capture that shoot.

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