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“Through the Uprights”





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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken within the Louisville Waterfront Park, Louisville, KY. I took it from the middle of the Big Four Bridge shooting towards the Abraham Lincoln Bridge (foreground) and the JFK Bridge (background).
This was taken in the evening (blue hour) just as the sun completed it's setting, eliminating the brightness which I wasn't necessarily wanting with the barge about to pass under the Abraham bridge
The sun had just set setting up a nice contrast between the lights of the city and bridges and reflections on the river
I used my Nikon D3400, no tripod (I tend to prefer the risk with using just my strap), no flash
I knew I wanted to capture the post-sunset lights of the bridges and city, hoping for some great reflections. Then all of a sudden I see this barge coming out from under me on the bridge I was on. Then it was a race between the slow pace of the barge (I wanted it to just about pierce the bridge uprights) vs the lessening light from the sunset.
I did a little post-editing because the race between the lessening light vs the pace of the barge and where I wanted it for the capture. I ended up lightening it very incrementally and as a result of that I had to tweak the contrast and saturation so that it didn't make the image pale
In my camera bag
I travel frequently for my automotive engineering job. Generally my travel is within a one day / overnight but about once a year a trip south or north of the borders and/or to Asia or Europe. So when I'm in my home area, or traveling within the US, I always have my Nikon D3400 and of course my iPhone 7+, and often my Minolta X7a (that I've had for 29 years). Typically when I travel internationally, I leave my Minolta at home. In my Nikon bag, I have my 18-55, 70-300 and my Altura 0.43x Wide angle/Super Macro combo, my Insignia remote, minimum 2 batteries, 70mm ball, and minimum 3 32G cards
Honestly you can make any shot yours. I don't think of what will please someone viewing my work, I shoot what pleases me. Generally when I do that...everyone else likes it too.

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