Sunset Hawks

Folsom, CA

File name IMG_1769.CR2
File Size 24.1MB
Camera Model Canon EOS 70D
Firmware Firmware Version 1.1.1
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Folsom, CA

File name IMG_1769.CR2
File Size 24.1MB
Camera Model Canon EOS 70D
Firmware Firmware Version 1.1.1
Shooting Date-Time 1-30-2017 5:07:50 PM
Owner's Name
Shooting Mode Flash Off(Never fires.)
Tv(Shutter Speed) 1-400
Av(Aperture Value) 8.0
Metering Mode Evaluative Metering
Exposure Compensation 0
ISO Speed 125
Auto ISO Speed ON
Lens EF75-300mm f-4-5.6
Focal Length 300.0mm
Image Size 5472x3648
Aspect ratio 3:2
Image Quality RAW
Flash Off
FE lock OFF
White Balance Mode Auto
AF Mode AI Focus AF
AF area select mode Automatic selection
Picture Style Auto
Sharpness 3
Contrast 0
Saturation 0
Color tone 0
Color Space sRGB
Long exposure noise reduction Disable
High ISO speed noise reduction Standard
Highlight tone priority Disable
Auto Lighting Optimizer Standard
Peripheral illumination correction Enable(Correction data not available)
Chromatic aberration correction Enable(Correction data not available)
Dust Delete Data No
Drive Mode High-speed continuous shooting
Live View Shooting OFF
Camera Body No. 092024007407
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Behind The Lens

I took this photo off the south side of highway 50 off of East Bidwell Street, Folsom, California.
It was probably about 6 p.m. in the evening.
Well, I stumbled across this photo setting. I was on my way home and noticed there were too large bird sitting in an Oak tree. Before I could commit to photographing these birds, I had to call my husband quickly and find out if he could pick up our daughter. Once he said yes, I spun around and went the opposite direction on Highway 50 and by the time I pulled over, I had to race over. To park, because there wasn't a safe place to pull over on the road. So I must have ran 500 ft to catch the sunset but with enough light to capture the silhouette of these two find hawks. I wanted to get much closer but, the ground was such that I couldn't really make that happen and I didn't want to stumble. Also on the other side, was a fenced-in gate. I considered this moment a total Godsend.
I used a Canon 70D and a 100 - 400 millimeter lens.
I have always had a love for taking photos of hawks. They are such beautiful birds and very graceful and they fly. Between having a gorgeous sunset and two hawks sitting in the tree, it was a breathtaking moment for me. I've been a nature and Wildlife lover for over 40 years.
The only thing I did was increase the saturation a little bit.
In my camera bag
I normally have my Canon 70D and my telephoto lens.
Well, the first piece of advice is, to always have your camera on hand, no matter where you are. Because opportunities of Wildlife can open up at any one point in the day. The second advice I would give is, just be on the lookout & aware of your surroundings.

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