Cristiana _4865_Final

model Cristiana Bodnariuc
MUA Raadhaa Yashroy Singh

model Cristiana Bodnariuc
MUA Raadhaa Yashroy Singh
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Mysterymantis October 14, 2017
This is pretty good. I think I would have stood a little closer, tried to get as much of that window out of the shot as possible, composed the bride a little more to the left. Nice use of the backlighting from the sun, and the shade for soft shadows. A wider aperture also would have left the mountains in the background blurred, to draw the eyes to the bride a bit more. Otherwise, very nice.
marcbaechtold May 13, 2018
cool photograph with nice details and good contrasts, keep shooting!
BowersDan PRO
BowersDan Feb 04
absolutley beautiful

Behind The Lens

I was invited by a friend to shoot aboard a replica of an old paddlewheel boat. So I organized a Meetup event on the boat and hired Christina as my model. We dressed her in one of my prop gowns to create a nice vintage effect.
This was late afternoon and the sun was setting fast. Given the mountain region, the sun was already casting shade on the boat and model, while the distant shore was still bright. This was thus a mixed light colour and high dynamic range situation.
To compensate for the shade on the boat and model, while the distant shore was still bright, exposed for the distant tree highlights, allowing the sky to blow out. Would generally have used fill flash but we were rushing now as the model was freezing and we needed to wrap up.
Nikon D600 24-120 lens F8 1/125 ISO 800
using the Paddlewheeler as the starting point, we were creating a series of vintage looks
The "fall" season was well underway and many of the leaves had lost their luster. I did some global adjustments on Lightroom to boost the vivid fall look. Also had to compensate for the blue cast on the model and boat due to shadows, but this helped boost the fall colour.
In my camera bag
2 bodies - d600 d7000, 24-120, 70-200, 50 mm, 2 ttl flashes, remote triggers
These shots are not done in 1/60 second. Lots of planning goes in before we even start shooting to secure the location, cast the right model, get the wardobe and have the proper hair & make-up. On set, we had to stop a few times to let the model warm up as the late fall temperature was a challenge for her. I kept the shooting ratio low (4:1) so all workshop attendees had good access to the model and the ability to guide her individually.

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