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mariannebesselsen February 01, 2019
mikoyen27 February 01, 2019
A very nice picture, sensual ambiance!
grahamcarney_6567 February 01, 2019
great shot
bonico February 02, 2019

Behind The Lens

This was taken in my home studio as part of a boudoir session for Alyssa. she wanted something sensual and natural looking.
While it was evening, the time of day is actually immaterial because it is 100% studio light and under my full control. This setup provides complete flexibility in scheduling. It can be rainy, cloudy or even well past sundown as it was this day.
The lighting is designed to emulate natural window light. The model is standing 3-4 feet in front of a white seamless backdrop. To her right is a large (3 x 4 feet) softbox inches behind a sheer white curtain.
shot with Nikon D600 Aperture f/8?ISO 200?Shutter 1/125, handheld Single studio strobe (AB800) set to minimum power, with large softbox behind a sheer white curtain
Alyssa is a Make-up artist I've worked with on many occasions. She has often done the make-up for my models and clients, but was hesitant to step in front of the camera herself. She asked if I could do something soft and natural. She wanted to have something in a boudoir style but nothing too explicit or revealing. So I created this window-like set-up and gave her a comfy sweater. The direction was to drop it off one shoulder and stand by the window like it was her first day on vacation. The scenario was: you're enjoying an early morning coffee in your luxury hotel, your by the window overlooking the beach and thinking how lovely it is to be here and contemplating the amazing day ahead.
With this soft light there is very little post processing. I let the "window" highlights blowout for a more natural look. This one is more natural mid-day look, but I often add a bit of warmth to these and emulate a more late-day, sunset light.
In my camera bag
In the studio, I have access to a wide variety lights and modifiers. Light is plentiful and there is little opportunity for soft bokeh so I normally shoot about F8, the "sweet spot" for my 70-200 lens.
the key to these is a careful in-camera crop so the window illusion is successful. I also keep the model at the far side of the window so there is the maximum of amount of light to wrap around her face.

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