Green road

Just a road in Roosendaal, called Pr.Kennedylaan

Just a road in Roosendaal, called Pr.Kennedylaan
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Merlot October 10, 2017
Great shot

Behind The Lens

This photo is taken in Roosendaal in The Netherlands. Near by the place were I live.
I had been on the road all afternoon to take pictures. On the way home I passed this location. It was at the end of the afternoon. Normally this is a busy road, but later in the day it becomes very quiet here. On the other hand, I had already seen the cyclist arrive. Fortunately the traffic lights were red and I had the time to make a good composition. Then it was only waiting until the cyclist was in the right position.
What appealed to me was the sky. This was very beautiful because of the sun shining behind it. The contrast of the vegetation on the left and the building on the right also appealed to me in this image. By using a wide-angle lens I got a very nice perspective in the image with a lot of depth. This is what appealed to me in this photo.
I used a tripod with a wide-angle lens. A fairly small aperture, F11, to get enough sharpness in my image. Because I use a crop censor camera, f11 was sufficient for a good depth of field.
My inspiration was the depth in the image and the sky. But also the empty road with only that cyclist on the bike path. The lonely cyclist as we say in the Netherlands. But I certainly liked the perspective, and then try to get a clear picture of this. This was real and challenging for me.
I have done everything myself. From making the photo to the post-processing. I did edit the air and the rest of the photo separately. This because it pulls the other. The air well then the rest was much too dark, and vice versa. I have done a lot of work, but I am very satisfied with the result
In my camera bag
That depends on different circumstances. Asl I just go on the road to shoot some pictures and practice, then I only have my camera with a short zoom lens. A 17-70 mm. But if I leave for a long time I usually have my two prime lenses, a 30 mm f2.8 and a 50 mm 1.8. Different filters, such as polarization filter and a rotatable ND filter. Then I also take my 18-55 mm and my 55-200 mm for safety. I have not been using this much anymore lately. I am increasingly switching to prime lenses. They are lighter, bright and sharper than the zoom lenses. The 30 mm becomes a 45 mm on my camera and the 50 mm becomes a 75 mm. With these focal distances I can make a lot of my work. And why do it difficult if it is easy. I do zooming with my legs. With prime lenses I am more aware of my composition. Step aside gives a completely different picture. This step aside has much more influence on the composition than a bit of zooming in or out.
Take your time for a photo. Examine your location and know what is happening in this place. Find out in advance which material you need to get the desired result. Visualize the situation well, and know what you want. And do not leave it at once. Return to the same location several times under different weather conditions and at other times of the day. This is to know what the light does in certain situations. This applies not only to these photos, but also to other photographic works. Rest in your work method, never go rushing because then you will make mistakes. and if you work on a tripod, which I usually do, do not forget to turn off the image stabilization. This is something I often forget. Then you have the right composition but your image is out of focus. But above all rest, take the time and visualize the situation well. So that what you had in mind is also reflected in the photo.

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