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A Great Shooting Platform'

A Newly Disabled Nature Photographer.... Me.

#Nevergiveup #soyourdisabledgetoutsideandshoot

Yesterday afternoon (09-04-17) I dr...
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A Newly Disabled Nature Photographer.... Me.

#Nevergiveup #soyourdisabledgetoutsideandshoot

Yesterday afternoon (09-04-17) I drove my new electric wheelchair on its maiden voyage in a wooded trail system. The chair did okay, but got hung up a couple of times on exposed roots. I made it out to the swamp area viewing... I chose this sweet little off shoot of the trail that faced the marsh with a northerly view and a decent amount of open sky.
I hoped I would see a few lingering Nighthawks come thru, thinking this would be a great place for them to feed.
I waited just 5 minutes for the first two. They were too high, and kept going, but turned just before leaving my field of view. They stayed up high, flying off to the south towards the river.
The parade started up soon after... many at a time, flying all around chasing bugs, me with my chair inclined, firing away at them for close to 2 hours!!! I filled one 32GB card, and made a good dent in a second. I ended up firing 2001 frames!!!

I tried counting, and was over 100 but then they started coming from all directions... I had no idea if the birds coming from the river were the same birds that went that way. So my count is estimated at 150. Probably a lot more, but thats what I'm going with.

This wheelchair does a lot more than just drive. As you can see in this image, the entire seat including the leg rest inclines together... it goes much further than what you see here. A perfect platform from which to shoot BIF's (Birds In Flight).

The chair was a success... though this morning I am truly paying for my fun. It is said there is no such thing as a free meal. Oh how true this is. That said, as I go thru the many images, I can't help but have a huge smile on my face.
After I edit some, I will put up an album of these amazing birds.

Shooting Nighthawks in my new chair.
Merrimack River Flood Plane
Society for the Protection of New Hampshire's Forests (SPNHF)
Concord, NH 09-04-17

(Cell Phone Image)
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animalartist PRO+
animalartist October 06, 2017
Wow- so great to see you in the field, doing this! Congratulations on the chair!