Axe Attack

Captured at a live gig by UFO cover band Rock Bottom.

Captured at a live gig by UFO cover band Rock Bottom.
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carolyns November 10, 2017
Awesome shot Keith! Love the lighting, the composition and the emotion on the guy's face!
keithtalbot October 11, 2018
Thanks, quite surprised in in finalists
Forrest_Imagery October 18, 2018
Awesome perspective !!!
I love the expression, lighting and, the energy of the loud ans chaotic atmosphere.
Killer shot, well done !
Has the band seen this photo ? If not, they should !
keithtalbot October 18, 2018
Thank you, yes the band have seen this and many other shots I took of them on the night
keithtalbot October 18, 2018
Argh it's too easy to accidentaly delete peoples comments on this site. Sorry to whoever's nice comment it was I deleted.
elmirvalley January 03, 2019
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Behind The Lens

This was taken at the Queen Vic pub in South Shields. The band were a UFO cover band Rock Bottom UK
On a Saturday evening this will have been around 10pm, halfway into the bands set.
The lighting was purely the stage light on the night. I believe they were done by Colin Smoult that night, he always does great stage lighting
Sony A6000, 10mm 2.8 fisheye lens.
I love taking photos of live bands, especially rock bands in smaller local venues. I enjoy getting right up close to the stage and capturing the atmosphere and action of the gig. This shot was one of several I took of the bass player that night as he was a proper poser, he was constantly thrusting his guitar around the stage like a proper wild axe man.
There is not much post processing on this image. There is some colour correction to fix some of the crazy stage lighting colours, a bit of sharpening and just some exposure adjustments in Lightroom mainly using highlights and shadows with a bit clarity boost.
In my camera bag
When shooting gigs I have a small bag with just my camera, Sony A6000, kit 16-50mm lens, 28mm lens with fisheye converter and a 35mm 1.8 lens. Oh and a pair of earplugs as I always end up standing next to the speakers :)
Lighting at live gigs is always going to be challenging, especially smaller local venues. High ISO is inevitable but a faster lens can help offset this a bit. My gear is not that expensive though so my fisheye is only a 2.8 lens and the fastest I have in my kit is a 1.8 35mm lens. A tip a photographer friend gave me for shooting live bands was to set your camera to B&W when shooting RAW. This stops you getting distracted by the often bad looking coloured lights you get at gigs. Often a picture that looks terrible in colour will make a great B&W image. I usually end up doing a lot of colour correcting and exposure fixing in Lightroom on live gig photos depending on the lighting at the venue. Although for this particular photo there was not too much post work needed as the lighting at the gig was very good.

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