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Aug, 2017

Melbourne City from MCG Train Trails

A long time ago when I just began with photography, I read an online article about how to capture beautiful cityscapes. I found it very useful and one little tip kind of stuck to my head back then and it was that the cityscape looks much better if you photograph it during weekdays rather than weekends, and I completely agree with it now. Since the buildings have more lights on during weekdays, we are able to capture the true spirit of the city at that time.

I took this photograph last Monday, just before the sun hit the horizon at its very last light. Even though it was raining all day long the rain had stopped when I got out to the location. I love the dramatic sky and the little patches of pinkish/purplish hues in the clouds and how the lights from the busy trains are leading your eyes toward the city. Melbourne never disappoints.

I hope you like it.

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Camera settings: Nikon D800 with Nikon 17-35mm @17mm, ISO 100, F/9, 30.0s

Note: The train trails were made from multiple exposures blended later in Photoshop. The image was slightly cropped in post processing.

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