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Jacc January 16, 2014
Great pic
santosh532 April 10, 2014
WoW!! Very pretty .
Roguexvx April 10, 2014
Love it
sxsvexen July 26, 2015
Just fantastic!!!
Remraf July 26, 2015
thenickelwell July 26, 2015
Spectacular portrait. Congrats on the feature.
debhall July 26, 2015
chuckrickman July 26, 2015
Superb job. Congrats on being featured.
Inspire4More July 27, 2015
Gorgeous capture ????
VHiggins July 27, 2015
beautiful! congratulations on your Feature!
sharlenescarboroughdodds July 29, 2015
Beautiful !
azim007 August 10, 2015
speaking eyes! ... well done! :)
audreykenison September 05, 2015
Love this!
normg123 September 06, 2015
Wonderful portrait. Everything's just right.
jackierombouts September 09, 2015
freedom93 September 11, 2015
Such a beauty. Good Lord!
markstruman September 18, 2016
One of the best portrait photos I have seen on this site, stunning job.
DavidPriymak December 05, 2016
amazing portrait!
marthapsimerroberts July 20, 2017
This picture is educated.
Coveboy53 July 20, 2017
Outstanding beauty from such face and eyes. Superb feminity in fur and placed perfectly in the frame. What is she thinking?? Almost a Mons Lisa in snow..
paulstarns July 29, 2017
Absolutely love this photo, everything about the image is brilliant
Paulacook144 August 02, 2017
Lovely portrait shot.
joannecatherinesullivan August 02, 2017
sarahtrickler August 03, 2017
This is beautiful!
Helawolf August 03, 2017
UGLY Chin.
Helawolf August 03, 2017
Probably reaches her toes and such a horrid indentation.
PSD9253 August 04, 2017
Very Nice...Beautiful !
AdirahsEyes August 06, 2017
Just lovely!!! & magical..congrats
ks_pics August 09, 2017
Lovely lighting!

Iris II

Model: Iris
Model: Iris
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Behind The Lens

The photo was taken in my small home studio (it's actually a garage^^ :D )
since it was done in the studio the time doesn't matter of course^^
The picture was lighted with a flash coming from the right/front (from model's perspective) pointed at her. I've used a big octabox on the flash. The flash was very close to the subject top make the light as smooth as possible.
The shot was taken with the Sony A77 and the Sony SAL 16-50 2.8 lens at 50mm and f2.8 for slightly shallow depth of field. The flash is actually just some cheap chinese studio flash from a brand called "golden Eagle" or something^^ For the snowflakes we used simply powdered sugar that an assistant blew right from the hand into the models direction. The bigger flakes were from postprocessing.
There is a "indoor blizzard" series of the famous photographer Joey L. He posted a "behind the scenes" video of this shooting on his blog once and I instantly fell in love with that setting. So I decided to try myself on that with a "low budget version" ^^ Biggest change in setting was that I chose a darker background instead of grey for the mood (though it actually was a grey background behind the model and our first shots showed this, but then I decided to remove additional flashes that were pointed towards the background to darken it on the photo)
Yes, the bigger snowflakes came from postprocessing and I did the usual retouching (skin retouching, some d&b and playing around with the colors&contrast).
In my camera bag
Back then when took this shot my usual equipment was the Sony A77 with the Sony 16-50 2.8 for studio shootings and the Sony 50 1.8 or Sony 85 2.8 for outdoor shootings. Now I've moved to the Sony A7 and mostly use the Zeiss 55 1.8 <3
Actually this settign is the super easy and low budget version of the shots from Joey L. For first inspiration just google "Joey L. indoor blizzard" and take a look at his video about it. Then just change the expensive snow machine with lots of powdered sugar and play with the lighting. And get a broom, because you'll need it afterwards^^ The expression from the model after each shot when she "bites" into the air to capture some of the sweet powederd sugar is priceless btw ^_^

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