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Part of a collection work shot for a sports company in the UK. The passion and hard work required to make it as a full time athlete....
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Part of a collection work shot for a sports company in the UK. The passion and hard work required to make it as a full time athlete.
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marcbaechtold May 14, 2018
nice work! Some nice colors and good contrast, keep shooting!
tetvet PRO+
tetvet March 15, 2019
cool shot, great light
jamielaverty November 10, 2019

Behind The Lens

I took this photograph at a sports centre in Portsmouth on the south coast of England. It was part of a series of action/ sports shots.
It was shot in a sports hall with no natural light, so time of day didn't matter, but its sad shot late afternoon.
Lighting set up was two Elinchrom ELB 400 hs heads. One was positioned on an extended stand over the top of the back board so you would get that dramatic down light. It was diffused with small ocotobox with a single diffuser. The image was always going to be dramatic, so could afford to push the lightning. There was a second kicker light set off the shot to the left and behind. This had a snoot and was directed to give a nice separation light.
This was shot on a Phase One IQ1 100 on a tripod with an 80mm 2.8 Schneider lens. With off camera flash as above.
I love capturing dramatic controlled sports images that have impact. I knew the shot before we even started laying out with the client. I knew it would work on so many levels.
The Phase One IQ systems are so good they leave you with very little to do in post. There was a large amount done before to get the image set up correctly that I knew if we nailed it we would have very little to do in post. I dropped the background back a bit, pulled d forward some of the highlights and cropped. Nothing fancy.
In my camera bag
I own Nikon D800 D810 Zeiss lenses 80mm 110mm. Nikkorr 14-24mm 24-70mm, 70-200mm, 50mm Voightlander 58mm. Phase One IQ350 Schneider 80mm and 28mm. I shoot a lot of different situations so hold a lot of kit to use in many situations.
Its all about the setup. Spend time walking through the shot. Know where your focus point is. Shoot tethered for this type of shot so you know when you walk away you have what you wanted. Don't panic if you don't get the shot straight away. Explain to everyone involved this might take a while.

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