httpjuls September 19, 2017
I really love this photo and I think it would be perfect for my challenge, it's about food and all its flavours.
I would appreciate if you'll come to visit it :)
Have a nice day
Very good
Looks yummy

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Jun, 2017

Waffley good

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Behind The Lens

There is a great French bistro in Yountville, CA that serves traditional flare from Chef Thomas Keller amid elegant old-world surroundings. And it just happens to be in the picturesque Napa wine country so inspiration was all around!
It was mid-morning, a great time for natural lighting.
The restaurant had amazing natural light coming in on a typical sunny California day. There were also mirrors along the wall adjacent to our table so it gave everything that perfect glow.
I actually used my IPhone 6s, no flash, no filters added.
I've always seen food as art, especially when prepared in a restaurant. The plate and all white was a great background, and I loved the symmetry mixed with the different shapes and textures. Plus it looked delicious!
Surprisingly no. Usually with a camera phone there is always some bit of editing needed, but with the lighting being so great I got lucky and didn't need to do anything to it!
In my camera bag
I recently got a Nikon that I'm trying out. But I always have my Canon EOS body, my old reliable go-to (and I have multiple lenses for it). So typically 3 lenses for any given photo opp.
I like to try to look past the obvious. There are always perspectives you can see through a lens that the naked eye will miss. Most of the time I just play around with the environment and surroundings I'm in at that given moment, and see what it becomes when I capture it.

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