kiwidragonfly October 22, 2017
Challenging maybe, but a brilliant result. This is a gorgeous capture and nice to see a shot of the falls from a different perspective. Lovely tones too.
Alfredo_Jose October 28, 2017
Truly stunning!
federicosassolinosasson November 10, 2017
pierrehusson November 12, 2017
Awesome man! I sure couldn't recognize it was whangarei! I been there when i was backpacking a year in NZ !! It was awesome, well done
Byronfairphotography December 11, 2017
Beautiful long exposure / Voted
marcbaechtold May 14
cool photograph with nice details and good contrasts, keep shooting!
sharilee Sep 17
Incredible shot

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Jun, 2017

Green & Grey

Last weekend I took a road trip north based on a favourable weather forecast in that direction. As is fairly typical they had it wrong and by the time I made it to Whangarei Falls it was raining.

With the spray from the falls, the rain and the humidity this was a pretty challenging shoot...especially trying to use filters.
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Won Peer Choice AwardNovember, 2017
Won Runner Up in Beautiful Waterfalls Photo ContestNovember, 2017
Won Contest Finalist in Beautiful Waterfalls Photo ContestOctober, 2017

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Behind The Lens

This was taken at Whangarei Falls, Northland, New Zealand
Late afternoon
The lighting was a huge challenge. The sun was heading down behind the falls causing a huge light differential between the foreground and the top of the falls.
Nikon D810, Nikkor 24-24 f2.8 lens and Lee SW150 filters
I’ve always wanted to shoot these falls from this angle due the the incredible green of the foreground rocks in the stream. It’s incredibly picturesque from this vantage point.
Ordinarily I prefer single shots but in this case with the huge light difference I shot 3 to get the right exposure for the foreground and background and then merged them in Lightroom.
In my camera bag
I carry my Nikon D810, 2 lenses (a 14-24 and a 28-300) and a pouch full of Lee Filters. I also always have a shutter release for long exposures.
Try to plan your trip so that the light is in your favour (in this case I had the worst possible light due to unfortunate timing). Check the direction of your subject on a map and then use an App to work out when the best light will be for your shot.

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