Model: Elisanth
Photo: Silver Pearl Photography

Model: Elisanth
Photo: Silver Pearl Photography
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pietnel June 21, 2017
Amazing shot gorgeous model brilliant work
christophertallsopp July 22, 2017
excellent, great textures, and the model is beautiful too
ucarr64 August 04, 2017
Hydraulic_Designs November 01, 2017
Really enjoy your work pire insanity!!!
BrunoHeeb PRO
BrunoHeeb February 04, 2018
instant favorite,amazing shot

Behind The Lens

I took this photo in my home studio in Kiel, Germany. The beautiful model Elisanth came all the way from Moldova and we spent a whole week shooting lots of amazing sets.
This shoot happened pretty late in the evening. Actually, our plan was to shoot several sets that day but we ended up starting only at 8 and finished this set at midningt. Definitely not the time that I usually start shooting and also not the time that I usually need for a set! But we experimented a lot so I guess it was worth it!
For this shoot my inspiration was something medieval and I wanted to create an atmosphere that looked a bit like a fireplace was nearby. So I got some gels and experimented until I got the colours right! My main light was a softbox from the top and then I used two speedlights with gels to get the colour effects.
This set was shot in the studio with my Canon 5D Mark II and a 60mm lens. I used three flash lights (top left with a softbox, two speedlights with coloured gels from lower left and lower right from behind) and a reflector.
We really wanted to do something new for both of us, something sexy but classy with a touch of fantasy. I had never shot lingerie before (and was not really interested) but Elisanth brought this wonderful lingerie set. So we wanted to do some magical medieval boudoir images... we ended up calling this set jokingly "medieval porn" but obviously, no nudity was involved ;) Another inspiration I had for the lightning was The Witcher, not only because she reminded me of the character Triss Merigold with this hair colour, but also because I loved the light effects they had there.
I guess post-processing is one of the most important parts in my work. First of all, my model was sitting on a fake fur blanket in my studio in front of a gray background and I added the new background in photoshop. I wanted something that looked like a cozy medieval room, close to the fireplace. I did some beauty retouch, dodge and burn and also played a bit with with the colours.
In my camera bag
Actually, one bag would not be enough here! I usually always shoot with my Canon 5D Mark II and a Tamron 28-70mm lens. My backup camera is my old Canon 600D. I have tons of extra batteries and CF cards and in my camera bag I also have a basic make-up kit, first aid kit, more lenses, speedlights, coloured gels and chargers for all the batteries. However, I almost never shoot outside - I love working in the studio (aka, at home) and have way too much stuff: I am not only the photographer but also do all the make-up, styling and put together the outfits. Many of them even are my own creations, so I don't just have "one bag" but several wardrobes, boxes and other things. It happens quite regularly that during a shoot I remember that I have *just* the perfect accessory on my attic and I can just quickly go and get it.
If people ask me for advice I always say two things: first learn the basics of lightning. You don't need much equipment to start out but should just start working with only one light and experiment. I often just work with only one light and a reflector! And second: just experiment! Tr to analyze others andget behind the light setup, then try to combine it with your own style. It also really helps to have a cool model of course! I love shooting clients but for my free projects I only work with experienced models who know how to pose and who inspire me to get creative.

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