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May, 2017

Panoramic London

Panorama capture of the Houses of Parliament in London, England

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Behind The Lens

I took this photo on my first trip to London
It was Summer and my wife and I were walking around London, enjoying the beautiful sights. It was a very warm evening and we were heading towards the train station to get back to our hotel. I took the photo around 8pm when the sun was still out but low on the horizon.
It was a beautiful evening in London. The sun was beginning to set, so the light wasn't harsh.
I took the photo with a Sony SLT A33 and the kit lens using the panoramic feature included in the camera. So, I held the camera in portrait orientation and pressed the shutter button panning along until the camera captured all the photos and stitched them together automatically.
I wanted to capture all of the beauty of the Houses of Parliament in a wide view. The building is so impressive and beautiful that I find it hard to look away.
I retouched the photo to make the sky more dramatic by recovering some of the highlights and increasing the overall clarity of the picture without overdoing it.
In my camera bag
I normally carry my camera with the kit lens and a 35mm or 60mm prime lens.
Don't be afraid to try all the features that your camera has to offer. As technology advances, we get better chances of being more creative. Get to know your camera and exploit all of the fancy features.

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