Crystal wings

A Clear Wings butterfly eating honey in the forest

A Clear Wings butterfly eating honey in the forest
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texaaronpueschel PRO
texaaronpueschel February 20, 2018
Definitely my choice, too. Wow!
AmberDawn1 PRO+
AmberDawn1 March 13, 2018
What a beauty, Salvador! :-)

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Behind The Lens

This photos were taken at Parque Natural "La Estanzuela" ("La Estanzuela" Natural Park), it belongs to Parque Nacional "Cumbres de Monterrey" ("Mountains of Monterrey" National Park). It's located at S of Monterrey City, Nuevo Leon State, Mexico. This place has a forest of Pine-Oak surrounding a little river, "El Calabozo".
Time was 11:30 AM and date was July 12, 2015. The visit was the number 213 to this site. Actually I have 286 trials.
Not used flash, because it was a sunny day with some clouds.
The camera was a Nikon P600 in Manual Mode. With no tripod and no flash. Settings were ISO 400, f/6.5, 1/50 seg, because the butterfly is flying on flowers at shadow. I combined Macro and Telephoto settings.
I'm biologist and I like to take photos of animals, flowers, and landscapes. I know about taxonomy of butterflies and distribution. When I saw this specimen, I know it was very important, it was second record of the species (Pteronymia cotytto) in Nuevo Leon State. First record is mine, too. When I relized first record the photos taken were bad. In that new chance I got many photos and a few were good.
Some photos were corrected in brightness (+/-), 10-20%.
In my camera bag
Now, I have the same camera and a Canon EOS Rebel T6, which has 18-55mm, 55-250 mm, and 50 mm lens; a remote shutter, auto macro extension tubes kit, battery replaces, tripods (one pro and one for desk), ND filters kit (2, 4, 8), CPl, and UV.
Photographer should observe carefully, this butterflies are difficult to see, because their clearly wings. They fly on flowers or bushes and when is sunny day is more difficult to note them. You should move slowly so as not to scare them. If this occurs, they hide under the large leaves of the plants and you can lose them. This butterflies are tropicals, although they can be found at S of Texas (USA).

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