Surfing Day IV

Rio de Janeiro - RJ - Brasil

Rio de Janeiro - RJ - Brasil
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RamyDelariarte May 14, 2018
diegobaravelli May 16, 2018

Behind The Lens

I took this photograph from above a helicopter while flying over the beaches of Barra da Tijuca in Rio de Janeiro - Brazil.
Already at the end of the flight, as we returned to the airport, around 11 am, I saw that the man was moving away from the other people who were on the beach, I asked the pilot to return towards what happened, so I took the photo.
The position of sunlight at this time of day is very "heavy", so I took advantage to get as many different textures as possible. Helicopter flight is something fantastic, in the city of Rio de Janeiro even more! You get magical pictures regardless of the time of day, the weather, it does not matter.
This photo was made with a Canon 5D MK III + Canon 70-200mm f / 2.8 USMII Lens.
"The Lot And The Little Only Depend On The Point Of View". Guilherme Niero’s phrase inspired me to look for a way to depict Man’s relationship with his environment in a different way. Many spend years looking for a way to approach their object, the reason for their photography. Why not leave? Look for new points of view! I had the inspiration for this series for almost a year, but unfortunately I could not afford to pay for a panoramic flight. But when I was hired for aerial photography work from a power plant region in the city, I had no doubt, it was the right time to start the series. Barra da Tijuca is one of the most beautiful postcards in the city of Rio de Janeiro. Its beaches are highly sought after by those seeking tranquility away from the busiest spots on weekends. The largest beach in the state of Rio, with just over 14km. It is ideal for surfing, windsurfing, and other water activities. I have tried to show through these photographs that a simple solitary walk shows us a bit about our real dimension of the world. We are part of a whole, in its most diverse textures and relationships. In the middle of great landscapes and cities we are small, but as part of the whole, we are unique… like animals running through a savannah, we all are parts, small parts in a great set of moments.
Only a small increase in color saturation.
In my camera bag
I already had and tested several different devices from different brands . Today , I carry with me in my backpack , a Canon 5D MK III with Canon lenses , 8-15mm f4 , f2.8 16-35mm , 24-70mm USM II 2.8 and a 70-200mm USM II 2.8. Depending on the place , ND filters , tripod and whatever it takes to place
For this job the Helicopter door has been removed, for security reasons I think one of the fundamental issues is the choice of equipment that you will take during the flight. I took with me on board two lenses, 70-200mm (main) and 24-700mm. The cabin was very small, and with the door open, it was not so easy to change the lens, so you should keep in mind what you want to shoot, what you are looking for, imagine the picture in your head and be prepared!

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