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Spring Dreams

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livioferrari PRO+
livioferrari May 05, 2017
Magnificent work!
EricaAlmquist May 07, 2017
Thank you so much! :)
robsy1965 PRO
robsy1965 May 23, 2018
perfect! love the butterfly addition...
RamyDelariarte May 23, 2018
JM18Photography PRO+
JM18Photography May 26, 2018
PhotographybyTessa December 01, 2019
Beautiful 👏🏼
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Behind The Lens


This photo was actually taken in a park back home in Kentucky. Usually, me and my friend (the amazing model) would just spontaneously meet and take pictures. I have so many great memories from my time in Kentucky!


It was close to sunset and the light was perfect. Golden hour truly is the best time to take pictures!


The lighting was perfect as I said, due to the time of day. It really created this sweet glow to the photo. I really enjoy shooting outdoors or in natural lighting versus in a studio with lights. Just my preference. It makes the skin look so lovely when shot outside.


I didn't use a tripod and definitely not flash, however I did use a Nikon D3100 with a 50mm lens, if I remember correctly. I just freehanded and worked with the model to create the best angles. I then took it into photoshop to add the flowers and change the tones of the photo to black and white. I really enjoy this photo in black and white because it almost creates a melancholy look in an otherwise bright and upbeat spring photo.


I honestly am inspired by many other photographers. When I first started taking pictures I really enjoyed the work of Joel Robison, Rob Woodcox, Rosie Hardy and more.. so I really wanted to shape my work after their's and test my hand at creating a whole world through photos. However, after meeting this lovely model I started transitioning into fashion photography. This photo is actually taken in between my fine art/conceptual art phase and my present phase, fashion photography.


Of course! I think every photographer does at least a little bit of post-processing. Like I said, I enjoyed this photo in a more melancholy tone, so I brought it into photoshop and messed with the tones and added the butterflies.

In my camera bag

Normally, I just have my lenses, lens cases...really boring stuff really. Extra SD cards, because I always forget to bring my SD cards...


I think, just look to other photographers and ask questions. Always ask questions... how do you do this? what can I do to create a similar feel? I think if you do this you can create anything you want. Today we are really lucky, because photographers are now on Youtube sharing all their secret techniques and methods. However, just make sure to make it unique, ripping someone off and completely copying is not cool. For example, these days I really enjoy Brandon Woelfel's work and my friend Andy's work (instagram:@andhuyys). They both have such a magical feeling to their art work that I can only hope to create. Also, find your people, find a group that you can experiment with artistically. You'll soon find yourself creating artwork that your are proud of.

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