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jarrodunruh November 16, 2017
Absolutely beautiful view.
reh037 May 28, 2018
So beautiful!
Byronfairphotography May 28, 2018
TomasTar May 28, 2018
ambertrudi May 29, 2018
pepinair May 30, 2018
Great shot!!
pepinair May 31, 2018
Excellent edition!!

A primal scene

Eagle Creek in the Columbia River Gorge, Oregon.
Eagle Creek in the Columbia River Gorge, Oregon.
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken on Eagle Creek in the beautiful Columbia River Gorge, Oregon. This image is especially poignant considering the fact that this was ground zero for the unfortunate ignition of the devastating Eagle Creek Wildfire that took place here last Summer that was caused by a careless and selfish act of a thoughtless human.
To get this shot required that I arrive at the trailhead early to catch the morning light and mist. It required a somewhat strenuous hike that included a tense river crossing.This photo was taken 4/17/14 at 9:00 am.
The lighting in this location was critical as it gets harsh as the day progresses. At full zenith the sun shines directly into this canyon. Furthermore the mist is typically only there in the morning, which required an early morning hike. On this particular day it was raining when we hit the trail with a mist when we arrived at this location fortunately as the waterfalls on the canyon walls only happen during rain.
This photo was shot on a tripod with my old Nikon D3, 24-70 using a CP filter.
I was inspired to get this shot after a friend showed me his photo. We both returned and I shot this version. Soon after that this location became quite popular.
I shot this in raw format and processed it in Lightroom and finished it in Photoshop. The initial raw conversion was made in LR and then a final Orton layer was applied in Photoshop.
In my camera bag
I shoot with a Nikon D810 these days. Other than my camera, lens and tripod I carry a CP Filter and a shutter release. Besides my zooms, 24-70 / 70-200, my favorite wide angle lens is my 20mm f/2.8 prime.
My advice is to find more remote less photographed locations. Be there rain or shine. This photo wouldn't be as dramatic or mystical on a sunny day. Weather is an important part of landscape photography, especially dramatic weather.

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