pietnel March 15, 2017
Fabulous amazing shot love it
Rikki-LeeWrightson March 15, 2017
Thank you :-)
Eyeconic March 16, 2017
Beautiful work - well done
joeyg April 29, 2017
Beautiful work
Rikki-LeeWrightson April 29, 2017
Thank you so much.
geraldpallister April 29, 2017
Superb. Lighting and pose both very strong.
barbershop860 April 30, 2017
ClickPhotography May 07, 2017
This is beautiful. Portrays the mothers love perfectly.
myriamverne-soury May 14, 2017
So amazing picture !
Jasman2016 July 04, 2017
Great lighting and simply beautiful shot
The-Venerable-Stan September 13, 2017
Beautiful baby, beautiful mom, great posing, terrific lighting…… and an overall super job. What's not to like?. I wish I could take pictures this good, at least once in a while. What would I have done differently? Not much, probably nothing, it's a super job as it is! Kudos to the photographer & the two models!
atulspecial October 29, 2017
Awesome and iconic
Mike-n-Mindy December 18, 2017
Beautiful graceful shot
Boudoirbyya March 17, 2018
BrunoHeeb April 24, 2018
loooooove your style,absolutely amazing shot
speterson6 April 24, 2018
Simply beautiful. Wonderful light and framing.
JM18Photography May 04, 2018
NinjaZebracorn May 05, 2018
Congrats on the win!
BBBimagemediastudios May 07, 2018
Well done and creative love the choice of distance from the models
JM-ANDERSON December 04, 2018

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Mar, 2017

Light up my life

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Won People's Choice in Babies In Black And White Photo ContestMay, 2018
Won Contest Finalist in Babies In Black And White Photo ContestApril, 2018
Won Peer Choice AwardNovember, 2017
Won Contest Finalist in Indoor Natural Light Photo ContestJune, 2017
Won Contest Finalist in Unforgettable Portraits Photo Contest by ZenfolioApril, 2017


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Behind The Lens

I go to my clients homes for their newborn shoots. I find it makes it easier for them, especially first time parents. This mother had beautiful posture and was a natural when I gave her direction, so I decided to try a new pose on her living room floor in front of a pull down blind as a backdrop. I posed the baby in her arms, and the mother naturally went down to kiss the baby so I asked her to freeze and I snapped the moment. Most of my photos come from a mixture of posing and natural moments.
This was a morning shoot. I am a mother myself so most of the newborns shoots are done in clients home, after school drop off in the morning.
This is all natural lighting. The clients lounge had ranch style closing doors with multiple pull down blinds to span the width of the doors. So I closed all of the blinds camera right and in front of me and left the blinds camera left outside of the frame open to create the specific direction of light I wanted on my subjects. No reflector was used as I had a front door behind me which I simply left open to create a little light onto the front of my subject.
I used my Nikon d750 and Tamron 24-70 2.8.
All of my work is inspired by created moments that show emotion. I drew from the fact that through medical problems this is likely to be this womans only child and I really wanted to capture her love for her daughter. The mix of pose and natural moments and love worked for me here.
Yes I use Lightroom for a clean edit and then I move my images into Photoshop to complete my editing process. In this instance, I used alot of dodge and burn to enhance features. I did add a sprinkle of light and dust from the corner to enhance the "magical" feel of the photo using normal brushes and brushing them in. THe baby had quite flakey skin. I removed alot of that with the bandaid tool.
In my camera bag
I only own the Nikon d750 and 2 lenses, the Tamron 24-70 2.8 for indoor shoots and the Signma 70-200 2.8 for outdoor work. I dont own anything else, I feel these 3 items provide what I require.
You need to be confident in yourself and how you talk with your clients/subject. I first asked her to sit down in the spot I wanted the photo taken. I told her to relax there while I got the lighting correct with closing and raising the drop blinds around her until I got the light I wanted. I then explained how I wanted her to hold her baby and what we would be trying to achieve. Once she understood, I then got baby and posed her in my hands before placing her int he mothers arms. I laid the baby down and as she stirred a little I got a blanket and placed it over her to keep her feeling safe and warm. I let her settle and then perfected the pose of the baby. I went back to my place to take the shot and the mother naturally leaned in to kiss the baby and I captured that moment.

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