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sharonward July 28, 2017
Simple and delectable

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Behind The Lens

This photograph was taken in my conservatory.
The light around the back of my house is particularly beautiful around 4.00pm which is when this image was shot.
This image was taken in my conservatory in natural daylight. The light had just begun to fall around 4.00pm, becoming almost golden. This helped to give a warm feel to the image.
The setup was fairly simple. I used a Nikon D5300, with a wide aperture. A clamp was used to hold the spoon in place with a large plastic tray underneath to capture all of the drips from the cream. The camera was set to burst mode so that as many shots as possible were taken as the cream was poured over the strawberry.
I have a real love of food photography, but I wanted to show something a bit different this time. I wanted to show someone actually about to eat their favourite food. I wanted to create a sense of anticipation as the strawberry looked so yummy!
This was a photo with minimal edits. Photoshop was used to crop the image and a warming filter was added to enhance the golden light of the late afternoon sun.
In my camera bag
I love my Nikon D5300 and I now own a D750. I always take my sigma 105mm macro everywhere with me and I'm never without my "nifty fifty" Nikon 50mm prime lens.
Natural light was essential for this shot, the warm evening sunshine was bright enough to allow for a particularly fast shutter speed and it is imperative to use burst mode. A wide aperture also helps in blurring the background to ensure that the strawberry and foreground remained the focus of the composition.

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