At Cais do Sodré metro station - Lisbon

At Cais do Sodré metro station - Lisbon
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Witmar September 21, 2017
great picture
tiagotoms September 22, 2017
Thank you!
KellieMyka PRO+
KellieMyka September 22, 2017
simple and perfect
tiagotoms September 22, 2017
Thank you!
dv8Photography PRO+
dv8Photography September 27, 2017
gekow PRO+
gekow October 25, 2017
Very nice shot. So... lonesome
Steve5by5 February 08, 2018
Love this photo. Have gone back to look at it so many times.
kchurch PRO+
kchurch June 05, 2018
The light and shadows here are incredible.
265Greg September 27, 2018
Epic pic
andrewcarter901 PRO+
andrewcarter901 April 08, 2019
garysissons PRO+
garysissons August 24, 2019
Less is More, great lighting I love this image well shot.
LaGaleriaDeJMO PRO+
Hopper Style. ;-)

Behind The Lens

The photo was taken at the Cais do Sodré subway station, in Lisbon. Is a well known spot for street photographers based in the city because of the characteristic wall shadows created by the steel frame placed on the top of this specific area.
I like to roam around the city during the afternoon while there is still light, but when things start to darken I tend to go underground to take advantage of the artificial light of the stations. Which was the case. It was at the start of a winter evening.
Like I mentioned previously, the place is well known because of the characteristic shadows created on the walls by a steel frame on the top of the station that lets the street light illuminate the area in case. But since it was getting dark outside, instead of the usual harsh patterns that make the place well regarded, I was presented with a soft distribution of light rays very well placed giving the moment the perfect mood for the composition.
Handheld Nikon D5100 with the 35mm 1.8 DX. No flash. Nothing else.
I really like the clean style of photography...like I have in my small bio, I like to go with the "less is more" motto. And living in a somewhat big and really beautiful city as Lisbon is, I can not resist to get out and shoot away, trying to put that motto in practice. And combining all of stated above, I love to show the impactfull theme of solitude in a big urban area. We all roam around in our own lifes, thinking our own thoughts to ourselves, even when we might have hundreds of other persons around in the station or inside the subway tram. It is like we are completly alone in the world and we have the station just to ourselves. But, on the other hand, instead of feeling depressed by the solitude, we must not forget to notice that most of the times, life enlighten us with things to be grateful, we just need to look up and notice it. Because that light will be there as soon as you leave the station. Hence "The Enlightened".
Contrast, gradients, and touch up in small distracting things.
In my camera bag
Depends of my objective of the day. In this specific type of photography I just go out with single camera and one or two lenses. Nothing more.
Just go out and shoot, practice will lead to experience and the more you shoot, the more likely you'll be presented with the opportunity to grab the shot you are looking for.

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