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After a stormy sun-set.
Vasco da Gama Bridge in Lisbon.

After a stormy sun-set.
Vasco da Gama Bridge in Lisbon.

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Behind The Lens


This is a well known bridge located in Lisbon, Portugal, the long Vasco da Gama Bridge. Although I live in the city I never before had the urge to photograph it until the day I took this photo.


It was taken just after a rainy sun-set. I spent all day bored at home due to the bad weather, but at the end of the day when things calmed down I just got my things and gone to shoot something although it was getting dark soon. It was when I decided to go to the north part of the city which was near and where the bridge is located.


Just natural lighting. It was already dark so ended up with a long exposure.


A Fujifilm X-E2 with the remarkable Fujinon 35mm f1.4, a Vanguard travel tripod and a shutter release.


As I mentioned earlier, I was bored at home and was having kind of a bad day, so as soon as the bad weather gave a break I just took my things and got myself on the way of shooting anything. Photography for me is an escape, it just soothes me and the process of walking around with the simple objective of capturing moments fulfils me. I've never shot the landmark so, since it was just "around the corner" it ended up being the destination of the moment. It was getting pretty dark, so the long exposure was the only way to go. The thing is... it was also the best way to do it since the fact that the stormy weather was breaking and calming down was just like mirroring my state of mind, and the smoothness in the water and the clouds caused by the long shutter speed just helped to get that feeling. I gess the point in the photo is that, even after a stressing stormy day - and both bridges here in Lisbon are a good representation of stress because of the excessive amount of traffic in them at rush hour - the night and the calm will eventually come and things end up getting better.


Just the usual simple things in a b&w photo. Highlights, shadows, contrast, etc.

In my camera bag

I took this photo with a Fujifilm camera and Fuji lens, but recently I've switched my equipment. At the moment I'm using a Sony A7. The lenses, depends on what I'm going for. If in an urban streetphotography objective I walk around with a Samyang 35mm 2.8, the AF version. For landscape, just got the Samyang AF version of the 24mm f2.8 for wide and an adapted long zoom Nikkor 80~200 f4.5 Ai (old but gold). Usually a legacy 50mm, either a Nikon 50 f1.8 Series E, or a Takumar 55 f1.8 or even a Helios 44-2. When I'm in the mood I take some film camera with me, either a Nikon EM or a Pentax Spotmatic F.


Just get out there when you have the chance. Special moments are always happening, you just need be there to whitness them.

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