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Juvenile Bald Eagle, Jervis Inlet, BC

Juvenile Bald Eagle, Jervis Inlet, BC
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keepclicking November 21, 2018
Fab capture

Behind The Lens

Living on the West Coast of British Columbia Bald Eagles are constant companions. This juvenile was waiting his turn to lunch on a dead fish carcass. His look of disgust is partly directed at my presence but mostly at the other birds hogging lunch. Just after taking this picture he had his turn when the other eagles took a break.
This picture was taken mid-day. The availability of food brought them down out of the trees giving me the opportunity to get close when they were distracted and not worried about my presence.
This picture was taken in the mid-afternoon on an overcast day. This is the perfect light for eagles. The bright even light allowed me to get good details in the shadows and dark feathers without blowing out the white patches.
This was shot with a Nikon D7000 and a Tameron 150-600 lenses. The long lens is ideal in that it allows one to fill the frame without being too close and disturbing the birds. There was no opportunity to stabilize the camera with a tripod as the picture was shot from a Zodiac that was bouncing in the waves and current. This required a fast shutter speed, a steady hand, and a bit of luck.
Whenever I see conditions where the ocean is calm, the light is bright but even, and wildlife is active I head out in my small inflatable and wander slowly around the islands looking for opportunities. You never know what might be waiting. Sometimes it is seals, sometimes shorebirds, sometimes eagles and sometimes even orcas. No matter what is happening it is always a joy to be immersed in nature.
For the most part, these pictures do not need a lot of processing. If they are out of focus, or the background is cluttered there is not much that can be done. For this picture, I removed a bit of noise, brightened the eagle, added a bit of sharpening and a slight vignette.
In my camera bag
Since I am in a small boat on the ocean where there is always the possibility of getting immersed in salt water I usually take a minimal amount of gear. For these expeditions, it's usually just the camera with the long lens. If there is the likelihood that a broader context shot will present itself I sometimes take an 18-105.
It is always tempting to go out on clear days when the sun is full and the sky is blue but in those conditions the dynamic range is too great to get good pictures. Either the whites will be blown or the darks will be black. With wildlife, there is no opportunity to bracket so we need to look for the right light. Mid-day with a high, light overcast turns the sky into a huge softbox and lets us capture the blacks, the whites and everything in between.

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