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Babies Are Cute Photo ContestTop 10 class week 1
Spring Photo Contest 2017Top 20 class week 1


Behind The Lens

This particular photograph was taken on like cation at a family member’s home as we swaddled and calmed the newborn for portraits. She gracefully complied!
I remember setting up the scene and waiting for the little one to fall asleep. I believe it was a morning session with all natural lighting. The light was gorgeous that day.
I am a huge fan of natural lighting and using it as much as possible, even when working indoors. Especially with children, you can create the best portraits with natural light supplemented by additional lighting only if absolutely necessary.
This particular portrait was shoot with a Nikon D610 at 400 ISO.
Many recent clients, at the time that this portrait was taken, had just given birth to newborns and I wanted to expand my newborn portfolio. A friend allowed me to capture these images of her child which allowed me to grow and expand my focus in a new and wonderful direction.
I used both Lightroom and Photoshop to enhance the portrait’s natural beauty in post processing. Infant skin can often appear more red naturally in camera so I reduced this and smoothed a few background flaws. I like to keep editing to a minimum, if possible.
In my camera bag
I always keep my 50 mm and 85 mm lenses close for portraits of young children. And lots of wipes for those unexpected sticky situations with children! And a lollipop or two for my “older” clients or sibling sessions. Candy can do so much!
Be brave! Let the child settle, talk with parents to soothe their anxieties and go for it! Planning is key, always be prepared for the unexpected and amazing things can happen!

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