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bkelly7k January 07, 2017
Very nice!! It's not easy to get the color to come out so well with all the white, but you have a great shot here!!
grandpa_Vlad January 08, 2017
Thank you very much for comment, bkelly7k!
shelaghmcginness January 08, 2017
This is lovely. The colour of the dog just beautiful against the black and white
grandpa_Vlad January 08, 2017
Thank you so much, Shelagh!
follicle January 17, 2017
Agree with the above comments. Lovely colour.
grandpa_Vlad January 18, 2017
Many thanks, Rob!
ovosphotography January 20, 2017
like it!
grandpa_Vlad January 20, 2017
Thank you, Ovos!
Zilyram January 21, 2017
Stunning love the composition and your exposure and white balance are spot on :)
grandpa_Vlad January 22, 2017
Thank you very much, Mary!
cris_ January 22, 2017
so lovely!
grandpa_Vlad January 22, 2017
Thanks a lot, Cris!
Softball13 February 06, 2017
Love this photo soooo much!!
grandpa_Vlad February 06, 2017
Many thanks, Softball!
alicedenhollander February 07, 2017
Beautiful! ????
grandpa_Vlad February 07, 2017
Thank you, Alice!
luckie06 February 11, 2017
Beautiful Shiba inu dog and great shot !!!
grandpa_Vlad February 11, 2017
Thanks a lot, Lucien!
estercastillo08 February 13, 2017
Beautiful, voted Image of the Month
grandpa_Vlad February 13, 2017
Thank you, Estrella!
richarddingley February 22, 2017
love this photo i hope to get as good as this at some point
grandpa_Vlad February 22, 2017
Thanks, Richard!
_nicole_krenning_ February 22, 2017
I love how natural and free flowing this picture is
grandpa_Vlad February 22, 2017
Many thanks, Nicole!
paolopellegrini February 26, 2017
Great photo!!
grandpa_Vlad February 26, 2017
Thank you, Paolo!
rodinnes February 27, 2017
i love this photo and a lovely dog
derekoliver March 02, 2017
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Cookies4U March 05, 2017
An elegant pose in a beautiful setting! Wonderful photo!
grandpa_Vlad March 05, 2017
Many thanks, Cookie!
billyves_12 March 08, 2017
Cute pup!
grandpa_Vlad March 08, 2017
Thank you, billyves!
olgagolubeva March 13, 2017
Beautiful picture and cute Akita :)
grandpa_Vlad March 14, 2017
Many thanks, Olga!
jewlsravenwolf March 15, 2017
Is she a Shiba In?? So adorable!!!
grandpa_Vlad March 15, 2017
Thank you, Jewls! He is Akita-Inu:)
garyb March 15, 2017
grandpa_Vlad March 16, 2017
Thank you, garyb!
animals March 19, 2017
grandpa_Vlad March 20, 2017
Thank you, Vikki!
martinrodgers March 27, 2017
Excellent shot
Looks like he is in hunt mode, ready to pounce.
grandpa_Vlad March 27, 2017
Thanks for comment, Matrin! He saw snow at first time :))
LeahBuchanan April 02, 2017
Beautiful photo and amazing dog. I love Akita's. I have two Bear Akita's and they are the best dog I have ever owned. Thank you for sharing.
grandpa_Vlad April 02, 2017
Thank you so much, Leah!
jacpainter April 02, 2017
You have captured a magnificent shot....awesome...makes me feel like I am really standing next to him...
grandpa_Vlad April 02, 2017
Thank you very much, Jacqui!
debbyfaz June 23, 2017
Gorgeous! Our son and daughter in law have a nine week old husky malamute whose coloring is much like this beautiful dog!
grandpa_Vlad June 23, 2017
Many thanks for your comment, Debby!
MichaelPP July 07, 2017
very nice
grandpa_Vlad August 07, 2017
Thank you, Michael!
Sinceremom August 06, 2017
Spectacular photo with great composition and color..
grandpa_Vlad August 07, 2017
Thanks a lot, Sinceremom!
Cricket123 September 27, 2017
Such a curious tilt of the head, something is moving under all that companion.
grandpa_Vlad September 28, 2017
Many thanks for comment, Cricket!
omolast November 15, 2017
beautiful dog
Cytrynka November 15, 2017
Rare breed.
And a rare photo.
All the best, dear friend.
Llbear2018 November 28, 2017
grandpa_Vlad November 28, 2017
Many thanks, Victor!
CURUTCHET February 26, 2018
i think he is lessoning to the mouse under the snow what is the name of the race of your dog he is beautiful have you seen mine in the video i did on the mouflons playing while the hunter sleep ( l is the small letter of L )
grandpa_Vlad February 26, 2018
Many thanks fo your comment, Jean Luc! He is Akita-Inu:)
tmlakshmi April 19, 2018
grandpa_Vlad April 19, 2018
Thank you, Lakshmi!
Byronfairphotography May 05, 2018
Beautiful dog.
grandpa_Vlad May 06, 2018
Thank you, Byron!
Geistwolf May 16, 2018
Hi Grampa Vlad! I've been following you for a while now. Love this shot of (your?) Akita-Inu! Your landscape shots are amazing so PLEASE enter the "Best Landscape Photo Challenge" by Aprillewis!
grandpa_Vlad May 16, 2018
Thank you so much, Rick!
mahzad62 July 04, 2018
so beautiful :)
grandpa_Vlad July 04, 2018
Many thanks, Mobina!
Neptune September 03, 2018
grandpa_Vlad September 03, 2018
Thanks a lot, David!
alanreid_1644 November 06, 2018
Lovely photo.
grandpa_Vlad November 07, 2018
Many thanks, Alan!
edj41 November 13, 2018
Beautiful capture basic black and white and then the beautiful dog. Well done! He's probably thinking I'm glad there is not a sled behind me!
grandpa_Vlad November 14, 2018
Thank you very much for your so kind comment, Ed!
joannakubacka Feb 27
Beautiful photo.
grandpa_Vlad Feb 27
Thank you, Joanna!

what is he thinking about?..

This photo was taken near my home at forest park Medvezhino, Minsk, Belarus.
This photo was taken near my home at forest park Medvezhino, Minsk, Belarus.
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