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follicle June 15, 2017
I love all your landscape images. Sure is a beautiful part of the world.
grandpa_Vlad June 16, 2017
Thank you so much, Rob!
trainwoman June 16, 2017
Subtle beauty
grandpa_Vlad June 16, 2017
Many thanks, Glenda!
jrmartos June 18, 2017
Beautiful place! Awesome picture, congrats.
grandpa_Vlad June 18, 2017
Thanks a lot, jrmartos!
davidsloan June 20, 2017
An exquisite capture.
grandpa_Vlad June 21, 2017
Thank you so much, David!
SoulShutter June 21, 2017
Fabulous shot Vlad, great view...
grandpa_Vlad June 22, 2017
Many thanks, Bonzo!
cindybucholz June 23, 2017
Breathtaking scenery!!!
grandpa_Vlad June 23, 2017
Thanks a lot, Cindy!
brotell1950 June 24, 2017
You have some great shots in your album
grandpa_Vlad June 25, 2017
Many thanks, Terry!
Deb-Deb June 24, 2017
Perfection!! :D
grandpa_Vlad June 25, 2017
Thanks a lot, Debbie!
dannad2 June 27, 2017
Eugeniogarrido July 02, 2017
grandpa_Vlad July 02, 2017
Muchas gracias, Eugenio!
Bpete2 July 02, 2017
This is spot on. Magnificent!
grandpa_Vlad July 03, 2017
Thank you so much, Bruce!
chuckrickman July 03, 2017
This is such a serene and love place.
grandpa_Vlad July 03, 2017
Many thanks, Chuck!
kathyk_abq July 04, 2017
Such a beautiful, peaceful image!
grandpa_Vlad July 04, 2017
Thanks a lot, Kathy!
leahfischer July 09, 2017
Love this!
grandpa_Vlad July 10, 2017
Many thanks, Leah!
justinstarr July 12, 2017
grandpa_Vlad July 13, 2017
Thanks, Justin!
MDSPhotography July 14, 2017
Another great photo.
grandpa_Vlad July 15, 2017
Many thanks, Mark!
cris_ July 15, 2017
beautiful landscape!
grandpa_Vlad July 15, 2017
Thank you, Cris!
Basu113 July 17, 2017
Wonderful shots... Which place is this?
grandpa_Vlad July 17, 2017
Thank you fo comment! It's nordwest of Belarus, near the border of Lithuania.
shirleymclean August 03, 2017
Join the conversation. Add a comment or even better, a critique.
shirleymclean August 03, 2017
I love your beautiful scenic shots,I'm just starting photography would love any tips on what cameras are the best.
grandpa_Vlad August 03, 2017
Thank you for comment, Shirley! All cameras a good:) To potograpg well it is necessary to study a lot and shoot a lot. For example, I have the cheapest DSLR camera Canon (EOS 1100D with kit lense). And, more the best cameras have a price near 50000-80000 USD (for example cameras Phase One) :))
glennmarcus August 16, 2017
Instantly brings me back to my Manitoba days
grandpa_Vlad August 16, 2017
Thank you for comment, Glenn!
dereckwainwright August 28, 2017
Well composed. I love the leading lines, the foreground and the "punch" . great shot.
grandpa_Vlad August 29, 2017
Thank you so much, Dereck!
ulpu September 27, 2017
I love this picture. thank you for liking my pics.
grandpa_Vlad September 27, 2017
Many thanks, Ulpu!
estercastillo08 September 28, 2017
wonderful, voted Summer Time
grandpa_Vlad September 28, 2017
Thank you so much, Ester!
paullagrange October 22, 2017
Wanted to say that your photos remind me of Belarus. Naroch?
grandpa_Vlad October 23, 2017
Thank you for comment, Paul! All of my photos was taken in Belarus (I live in Minsk). It isn't Naroch. This small lake has the name Glublja and is located 25 km north-west from Naroch, 10 km from the Lithuanian border.
paullagrange October 23, 2017
My wife is from Molodechno an lived in Minsk. May head back this summer
grandpa_Vlad October 23, 2017
You need to prepare well for the meeting:))
terrysigns13 October 27, 2017
I just caught myself sighing at this wonderfully scenic and private place. Fine shot
grandpa_Vlad October 27, 2017
Thank you so much, Terry!
jmallo Apr 18
Thanks for liking my Flying Turtle photograph. Love this photograph!
grandpa_Vlad Apr 18
Thank you, Jeff!

the autumn mood in June...

State Landscape Reserve "Blue Lakes", Minsk region, Belarus.
State Landscape Reserve "Blue Lakes", Minsk region, Belarus.
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