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great composition with nice colors and good contrast, keep shooting!

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Dec, 2016

Road through trees

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Behind The Lens

This is the only road which will take you to one of the greatest old monasteries of Armenia, called Noravank (13th cent.)
It was a morning time, as a lots of roads were closed because of snow, I was one of the firsts, getting there with my 4X4 old Jeep Cherokee.
It was a perfect light conditions that day and that time. As you know, it's really hard to shoot a snow landscapes when there is a strong sun above your head, you always can overexpose the shots with snow very easily. But in this case, it was a cloudy day, it was not too dark, and saying in one word, just exact light I needed that time..
I used my Canon 5D Mark ii with Canon 24-105mm F4 lens and that's it. Didn't have any tripod with me that time..
The place from where I did this shot is kind of famous place, but only for shooting the monastery, the main important thing in that area. That old monastery is great, and it's surrounded with very beautiful red rocks, and people usually shoot that stuff. I have taken those photos many times, and every time different, but I always look everything around me, not just only the things that are very popular, cause I think, there is always something that's also worth to shoot. So here I saw this nice narrow road, which you can't mostly see in other time of the year cause trees and leaves are closing your view. But at winter time it's very beautiful and quiet, so I couldn't skip this shot..
I almost didn't touch the photo after shooting. And at that time I was shooting only jpg and not raw, so this was jpg photo, and maybe I add a little bit contrast and that's it..and maybe even didn't touch.. it was so long ago... I did thousands of shots after this.. :)
In my camera bag
Now almost always I have with me my camera: Canon 5D Mark ii Lenses: Canon 24-105mm L F4, Canon 16-35mm Lii F2.8 and Canon 70-300mm (non-pro) Flash light (not expensive one. I use very rare) Tripods: Manfrotto or Gitzo, depends if I'm mostly with car or mostly hiking Polarizing filter, ND filters (Lee) 10 stop and 6 stop and that's it.
One of my main advises I always tell my photographer friends that we always need to keep looking "360 degree around us" and never concentrate just on popular spots. There is always something interesting near us, even if nobody around you look at that direction, you should look, you should search and you will find...

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