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AmandaJayne December 19, 2016
wonderful capture
jpele December 19, 2016
Beautiful portrait!
Bdubois December 19, 2016
wonderful photo
murphey December 20, 2016
Aww she is Darling, love the shot !
vintagefemme December 20, 2016
Someone looks quite bored. Wonderful capture though!
Vanismile December 21, 2016
A .look at her precious little face:) Great capture Tristan:)
dmmacdonald December 22, 2016
What a beautiful shot Tristan. She looks wise beyond her years, and yet the childish innocence shines through. The purity of the white against the dark dusty rusticity of the house only accents this facet of her being. The vignetting is just subtle enough to make her the only focus of the image without resorting to depth of field tricks. This picture is National Geographic worthy. It's the first time I've used the Absolute Masterpiece award. I love it - well done!!
tristan29photography March 12, 2017
Thanks a lot for your kind Comment ! Hopefully one day I will get a photo on National Geographic. But all this picture is due to this wonderful little Mouse ! ;-)
ellenellen December 22, 2016
gorgeous shot.Nicely done.
LauraMedina December 23, 2016
Beautiful, great shot, happy holidays to you and yours, and thank you for all your likes and peer awards
trainwoman December 23, 2016
This is a gorgeous portrait
ziggyzoo52 December 24, 2016
This is a great shot
Chelz December 26, 2016
Beautiful and Poignant
GuinevereJones December 27, 2016
Aww this is gorgeous
Gerdie December 29, 2016
JanSiemucha December 31, 2016
Touches your heartstrings for sure. Absolutely love the photo.
PoetryInNature January 01, 2017
Beautiful capture!!
jamesligon January 02, 2017
Sad little girl in a beautiful composition.
loraineravilet January 03, 2017
Love it!!
Irys January 03, 2017
Beautiful! I love it
marilynj January 04, 2017
This is beautiful
Alisajidzaidi January 07, 2017
Superb capture of an innocent charming baby model
tristan29photography March 12, 2017
Muchas Gracias !
martinalynch January 07, 2017
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martinalynch January 07, 2017
pure poetry...
ROD3 January 07, 2017
I Love You Gallery Tristan! Congrats! :)
chuckrickman January 07, 2017
Love that face and expression.
Caustin17 January 10, 2017
Great photo. She looks a little sad.
iggyv January 13, 2017
What an awesome shot!
Jules14 January 27, 2017
soulfulmystery January 28, 2017
absolutely a beautiful photo! priceless!
artemiopascua January 28, 2017
awesome lighting and composition
jamiesarkett February 01, 2017
Xinin February 02, 2017
??????? ??????????
googlingail February 02, 2017
Love every inch of this photo! One of the best I have ever seen on this site!
gloveranna February 03, 2017
She is so precious. Ah, the innocence of childhood! Beautiful capture!
bespokephoto February 04, 2017
The grey, muted tones of the textured background, vs the warm skin tones and white of the dress, really make this image pop.
annegunhildfloa February 05, 2017
Lovely portrait. I winder what's in her mind?
Daisy00 February 11, 2017
Belochka February 11, 2017
Great portrait!
Forrest_Imagery February 12, 2017
I couldn't say what dmmacdonald has said any better my self. It is a masterpiece and NatGeo worthy.

Everybody should see this photo and, anyone who does, should have empathy for this beautiful child.

Excellent work, as always.
mihrt February 12, 2017
beautiful image......she is lovely......but there is a sadness in her face......but perhaps that is just me. Love the lighting in this capture.
settler February 12, 2017
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WilliamTerryImages February 12, 2017
marcysaunders February 12, 2017
This is very moving.
tam4212 February 12, 2017
Touching shot !wonderful!
beeoxierrod February 18, 2017
Sweet, innocent and beautiful! Great capture!!
tongant February 19, 2017
Lovely portrait!
lizziemellis February 19, 2017
Beautiful portrait:-)
theresavar February 19, 2017
Just perfect
cynthialesley February 20, 2017
Beautiful little girl! gREAT CAPTURE!
janeyanker March 04, 2017
Cici_Ivo March 11, 2017
Good expression. Excellent portrait.
tg2125 March 12, 2017
tristan29photography March 12, 2017
Thanks a lot !
laurentinasilva March 13, 2017
Linda composição. Gostei do contraste do branco da menina.
SJRatcliffe March 13, 2017
Beautiful image!
mariannebesselsen March 19, 2017
Gorgeus shot ,
MarkDG April 15, 2017
Beautiful Emotion
texaaronpueschel April 16, 2017
So good. I wonder what this child's dreams are?

Thanks for rewarding my pics.
CURUTCHET April 18, 2017
beautiful little one
Kipeci April 18, 2017
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crystalcollins April 19, 2017
Beautiful Capture
ginorecchia April 21, 2017
Not often happens to see a photo like this one...! It seems to be a wonderful painting by a great Artist...!
Helenff April 23, 2017
kathyallison April 23, 2017
This is perfect!
debbiefaulhaber April 29, 2017
Love this.
Pjerry April 29, 2017
LyrindaSheppard May 07, 2017
I am so moved by this photo. She is a beautiful child, but you have made this a biography in a photo.
ahmedfouadibraheem May 07, 2017
Fantastic shot.
Cirrus76 May 09, 2017
Beautiful shot
WilmaWolf May 14, 2017
Absolutely gorgeous! Stunning.
Paulacook144 May 16, 2017
Lovely portrait shot. Well seen and handled.
Evelynturaray May 27, 2017
Witmar June 03, 2017
great portrait
catherinethompson June 16, 2017
What a story this photo tells. Well done.
mariaelenavalenciarpo June 28, 2017
miroslavfeketebiani June 30, 2017
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miroslavfeketebiani June 30, 2017
very emotional
guybryan August 04, 2017
The weight of the world on such tiny shoulders! A eloquent shot.
debbyfaz August 05, 2017
Your work is fabulous!
observant September 21, 2017


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