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BrunoHeeb PRO
BrunoHeeb December 30, 2016
all-time favorite ,amazing shot
BBBimagemediastudios April 05, 2017
Love the tone and "feel" to this image and B/W is so strong
pauljenkinson April 21, 2017
beautiful shot
NielsFahrenkrogPhoto PRO
NielsFahrenkrogPhoto April 21, 2017
Amazing capture! Outstanding
Schnapps_Photographer April 22, 2017
truly amazing shot...right mix of light
rhondabishoprhodes April 23, 2017
pacinodeppfan1 April 26, 2017
Absolutely stunning and beautiful!
pacinodeppfan1 April 26, 2017
Absolutely stunning and beautiful!
singletonmakin April 28, 2017
cannot see it says adult content how is it censored?
pietnel May 06, 2017
Fabulous amazing shot
livioferrari Platinum
livioferrari June 01, 2017
TwentySevenSins June 01, 2017
maricarpangan1375 June 01, 2017
How can be able to see, is there any other way?
linogatt2017 June 02, 2017
Join the conversation. Add a comment or even better, a critique. Let's get better together!
linogatt2017 June 02, 2017
Absolutely stunning. Prosit
Dark_Moon_Media June 02, 2017
Thank you everyone very much! I am so glad you all like it!
kellumbear PRO
kellumbear June 04, 2017
Beautiful capture! Congrats on your victory
andriannakal July 11, 2017
scottlandonblake PRO+
scottlandonblake August 15, 2017
This is an amazing black and white portrait!
harmeetsingh September 09, 2019

Behind The Lens

Artemis, is an incredible model and one I had been wanting to shoot with for ages. Once I found out that she was going to be in my neck of the woods I booked her for a few hours. She was staying in with a local photographer, who also rents out his house and studio for other photographers as we are very limited where I stay. I took advantage of the opportunity and booked the studio and Artemis for half a day.
I remember the day starting off pretty chaotic for me, from waking up with a flat tyre. not having a spare and then making sure I had everything for the shoot, I was a bit of a mess when I finally met up Artemis. She was totally relaxed though and even though I forgot some of my equipment we rolled with it and took some incredible images that day.
If I remember correctly we focused a lot on natural light, because the bedroom we shot in had a massive glass door on the one wall, this shot however was on the opposite side of the room and so I needed to bring some light in. It was a very simple setup though of just one Bowen Gemini 500 with a 6x4 softbox at a 45° angle to the right of me, so that i could bring a bit more light onto her.
I was using my trusty D800 and my Tamron 70-200 f2.8 and this tends to be my go to kit, It does sometimes get a bit frustrating, because of the space I need to work in, but I just cannot get past the quality I get from this setup, so I tend to make sure it works. Lighting was one Bowen Gemini 500 and then used the natural light that spilled through the glass doors and windows.
What really inspired me in this shoot was Artemis herself, she has such a bubbly personality and is always eager to get some great images It also helps that she is a photographer herself so we were able to bounce ideas off each other. She is also extremely good at shifting the mood of her body and expression for whichever desired image. I found this especially evident in the shoot we did after this one, a year later, which I hope to one day talk about and share with you all the experience.
I always do some slight corrections in Camera Raw, then a bit of frequency separation, split toning, dodging and burning and finally a high pass which I mask out the areas that I don’t want to sharpen, (i.e. skin) in Photoshop. This process tends to take up quite a bit of time, but it is worth it.
In my camera bag
I obviously have my D800, a Nikkor 85mm 1.8 prime, my Tamron 70-200 2.8 a 25-70 2.8, a grey card for white balance if the location proves to be a bit tricky. These are my go-to’s and I then add extra gear depending on the location. I have also recently started adding in my Godox ad360 its a really powerful little light and ideal for on location shoots that you don't want to carry around three massive bags.
Feed off your model, find where their strengths lie and then try different angles and positions. It is our responsibility as photographers to get the best out of our models. Sometimes we are lucky: the models are experienced and we have little to no guidance to give. With more inexperienced models it pays off to help them find their strengths and coax it out of them. I spend time researching modelling just as much as I do my own craft (of lighting, equipment etc.). In shoots such as mine and Jayne’s, where you have no clear path or plan at the beginning, it is worth finding a colour within the space to try and work with. But less is more, as you can see with this image. Colour can be a powerful tool though, if utilised well.

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