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eddiaz November 20, 2016
Kitten is thinking...."you are going out dressed like that???"
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Behind The Lens

I took this photo in my home. That's my cat Pixel who we got as a kitten and is very photogenic. He loved posing for me so was very easy to capture.
We have the cat tree by the window so I had some awesome day light to work with.
I used a very narrow aperture to make him stand out against any background distractions and I didn't need to light his face due to this which was handy.
I used a canon 5d mark 2 and a sigma lens. These were quite new to me at the time so I spent a lot of time practicing and this photo came from that.
Who wouldn't be inspired by such a handsome kitten!
This particular photo, there was hardly any post processing needed. In general, I try to get the image as close to my vision in camera, where possible. I adore editing photos to add special elements but I gauge my personal skill level and how far I have come by what I can achieve in camera.
In my camera bag
My body of choice is my canon 5d mark 2. I hope in the future to upgrade to a mark 3 or 4. I have a large variety of lenses to pretty much cover anything, though I do not bring all of them with me on shoots. My favourite lens is a Sigma 50mm.
With animals, you have to watch and learn. Treats help! And be ready.

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