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And then a rose appeared

This young lady is simply stunning, the rose majestic and full of beauty, just starting to open.
An image from a Femme fatale shoot taken in the autumn.<...
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This young lady is simply stunning, the rose majestic and full of beauty, just starting to open.
An image from a Femme fatale shoot taken in the autumn.
Model: Isobel Henry
Stylist:Sarah Eastwood
Hair & MUA: Jeahan Liz Tuddenham
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MikeW PRO+
MikeW March 03, 2018
Incredible lighting, colour, etc; love this shot!
Peter61 April 15, 2018
love this shot , color, the eyes are amazing
tammysandstrom October 31, 2018
Beautiful ....

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Behind The Lens

This image was taken at the Priory Maze and Gardens in North Norfolk U.K. The model Isobel I have had the pleasure to work with on a number of occasions, and has truly blossomed (recent shots only a couple of weeks ago). Jeahan Tuddenham, was the hair stylist and Make up artist for or the day, with the vintage shed doing the sumptuous styling.
The image was taken at 3:20 on the 2nd of October, we had low winter sunlight, the ground was soft underfoot, and much of the flora was closing for the winter. I'm sure Isobel was grateful of the faux fur!
I used a little flash on Isobel as the sun was golden behind her, lighting her hair beautifully, i loved the little wisps that were blowing in the gentle breeze. I was using a Yongnuo flash with a small softbox, about 3 feet from Isobel.
So the shot was taken on a canon 5Dmk3, 1 was using a 70-200mm MkII Canon L lens at f3.5, this gave me the lovely bokeh just behind her, but kept the facial features nice and sharp. ISO was set at 200, to make the most of the surrounding light, with the exposure time at 1/200 sec, trying to keep it as sharp as possible. The image was shot in manual mode, which i very rarely stray from now, as was the flash, although i cannot recall the settings for it.
I saw the beautiful light on Isobel's hair as she walked back to wards the car-park and we just had to stop and take advantage of the moment... sometimes it just happens when you least expect it, but i love the expression that the moment saved.
A little post-processing was involved, most ladies suffer the odd breakout, I am happy to "airbrush" these and keep the more permanent beauty spots, or marks, Isobel as you can see was stunning. Post had a little sharpening and that was about it.
In my camera bag
The bag has grown.. I now have one of those 4 wheeled trolleys to carry all my bits, mainly the sandbags to weigh down the light stands (i have broken so many softboxes, umbrellas, and triggers!!), but the 5d Mk3, a 1dMk3 70-200, 24-70, 17-40 and 100 macro, all canon L glass. I have godox flash's now as well as the yongnuo; the Godox AD200 is outstanding- buy it if you can! I always carry Voile, in different colours, smoke grenades, timers and tripods.. just in case...
Play and have fun, get used to your camera, make it your best friend.. I have a sony that i keep in the car and for holidays, marginally cheaper than the Canon, but a lot lighter and with another steep learning curve, but i always have a camera!! Play with off camera lighting, I love it, it has become my challenge to myself, using it 90% of the time, even in bright sunlight, it helps soften the contrasts. Learn Photoshop- follow piximperfect, the guy is a genius, he is free, and wonderful to listen to, the photographer captures the light the base of the image, Photoshop allows you to bend the light to your will, making the image, never underestimate the power of Photoshop, always keep learning. I watch a video every night on techniques, i may not remember it all, but if i remember just one little thing...

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