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The Stunning Maja Stina Anderson, skilled with fire as well as looks. One image from a fantastic shoot in early October 2016...
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The Stunning Maja Stina Anderson, skilled with fire as well as looks. One image from a fantastic shoot in early October 2016
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Behind The Lens

This image was part of a series that I took at Wensum park, Norwich, Norfolk Uk in October 2016, it was cold... very cold, and yes the beautiful model Maja Stina Anderson,was wearing just latex.. professional to the end
it was 19:18hrs on a dark and cold October, thankfully the rain held off or my main light source would have been a touch dim!
Several lighting techniques were used during the shoot, ranging from speedlights, LED,s high ISO's and combinations of them all, but what did surprise me was just how good high ISO images can be on their own, I mean 2500 ISO and you can still pick out the details, Canon needs to take some credit, and this camera has now been superseded!! The image was shot in what I would describe as a small bandstand under some stairs, apart from smelling none too friendly, it did allow the light to bounce a little and reflect back off the walls and ceiling. Fire is amazing, and quite bright too, hence the loss of information at the hottest part, where it overexposed, but boy was it fun shooting
The equipment I used for the shot, Canon 5DmKII with a Canon EF 70-200 f2.8L IS II USM lens, at ISO 2500, f2.8, 1/125s at 70mm I did quite a bit with flash on the evening but this one was taken using only available light
This shot was a happy accident, in-between the flash of speedlights, and glare of LED, it was a play with the camera and what high ISO images can look like, I think Maja was beautifully lit from either side, it showed just enough to give you the full picture, just enough that your mind could interpret the blank area.
RAW conversion was done in Capture One Pro, I think this was version 9, I did a little noise reduction, dropped the colour temperature down to 3186k, and recovered some of the highlights a touch. The shadows remained pretty much as shot, I did up the exposure by .31 on the original image though! Finally in Photoshop, a very small amount of blemish removal form the walls, where there was a not so choice word or two!
In my camera bag
My bag consists of a Canon 5D mkIII, a Canon 1D mKIII, Canon 70-200 f2.8lIL IS2, Canon 24-70 f2.8L, Canon 17-40L, and canon 100 ISL macro. I have two Yongnuo flashes, a Nissan Di 866 mk2, and the recent addiiton of a Godox AD200 (amazing) used with a combination of Godox X1 trigger/receivers and Yongnuo trigger/receivers.
Play, stretch yourself, do things that are difficult, live to learn... but don't play with fire unless its with a professional. Maja is a supreme expert at fire, acrobatics and high wire. She does this for a living, and takes all the precautions necessary, if this goes wrong, it really goes wrong, fire is a beautiful but oh so terrifying and disfiguring mistress, treat it with the utmost of respect.. and then a little bit more!! Don't ever take chances just for an image, respect yourself and those around you, life is a beautiful gift, embrace it capture it, but don't make it any shorter than it already is... Remember have fun, I did! and we all went home having laughed, been amazed and captured moments in time, that's just how it should be in my book!

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