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Nov, 2016

Winter Queen

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Behind The Lens

I took this photo on a walking path near my house.
It was the afternoon on a cold snowy day. The Model was a warrior standing there as she was freezing.
This was completely natural light - no reflector ...just the natural soft box of the snow
I used my Canon 5d Mark 2 and my 70-200 mm. No on camera or off camera flash.
I love magical and ethereal imagery. I have good friends who are designers - I had two on this set - One leather designer and one clothing designer. We paired the two together to make this amazing look. Since it was snowing that day - the model instantly turned into a Winter Queen. Like I said - I am drawn to Ethereal looks - so this makes me squeal with delight when I see a model look like this!!
I shot this on a walking path outside my house. One side of the path was awesome - full line of trees...the other side was a row of houses. (Not pretty) so I duplicated the side I liked and made a nice treed path. As I always do - I cleaned up any parts of her face (stray hairs) and the dress (stray threads) - there were bobby pins holding the crown on - I cloned those out. I dodged and burned the entire outfit and her face - Highlighting where I wanted things to pop. I added a few more snowflakes - just to be dramatic (and I live in the far north - so I LOVE wintery photos) haha.
In my camera bag
If I am shooting in my studio - I basically have my camera and a 50 mm 1.2 - thats it. I am pretty basic in my approach I suppose. If I shoot on location or at a clients space. I bring my think tank - with two Canon pro bodies, and my primes (85, 50, 35) and a 70-200 just in case. haha. I prefer primes for all my portrait work though.
If you love magical and ethereal imagery - find a photo you love as inspiration ( there are a million jaw dropping images here on view bug to find one) . Cobble together the best outfit for your inspiration. Make sure you get a model that can emote emotion or it won't work. A model has to BECOME the winter queen or its not believable. You can't have a model just stand there and not feel the outfit. I hope that makes sense. I feel like thats where most images go wrong ....the photog or stylist dresses a beautiful girl up in something and the model feels "shy" or "awkward" - it just doesn't work. Most of all - have fun - play around. If you are doing this for your own personal work - thats the time to get excited and play with different lighting and lenses and photoshop techniques!! You can always drop me a note if you have a question about something specific!! Keep being magical, guys!!! x

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