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jimhelmick December 28, 2016
DonnaLynnPhotog December 31, 2016
Thank you so much!!
jeffreyEqualityBrooks January 04, 2017
love this
DonnaLynnPhotog January 04, 2017
Thank you Jeffrey
angelcree January 07, 2017
Wow...where are you from?
angelcree January 07, 2017
May I ask about the model?
exposure_delight March 24, 2018
ARUNASPINIGIS October 27, 2020
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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in my home studio a year or so ago. Nothing fancy about the background. I didn't want a fussy background since I wanted the emphasis to be on the model and her tattoos and the latex clothing.
We probably began shooting mid afternoon after makeup and hair were completed. We also had a latex designer on the shoot so that was the extra WOW the photo needed.
I believe I used my 51" Paul Buff PLM - its kind of my go to modifier - I like flat lighting then I can lighten and darken in post ...where I like. This particular photo - I darkened the edges and dodged and burned in various places to make her pop!
I used a Canon 5D Mark 2- likely a 50 mm 1.2 (I'll have to double check that) - Paul Buff 800 strobe and the PLM modifier
My main goal with creating this photo was to take an "alt model" and make her beautiful/stunning. I see a lot of Alt Models used to be weird and slutty and well ..."alternative" haha. I wanted to really showcase that being alternative can mean beautiful without being used to look like an implied porn star. Most alternative models I meet are intelligent, strong, hard working and have a great sense of humour about life...and maybe a bit "weird" but that does'nt have to be gore and/or porn (in my opinion and sensibilities)
I also do professional skin retouching with all my images (if you do portrait work - this is essential to learn!!! ) I darkened the image a bit and probably dodged and burned the highlights and shadows.
In my camera bag
If I am shooting in my studio - I basically have my camera and a 50 mm 1.2 - thats it. I am pretty basic in my approach I suppose. If I shoot on location or at a clients space. I bring my think tank - with two Canon pro bodies, and my primes (85, 50, 35) and a 70-200 just in case. haha. I prefer primes for all my portrait work though.
Just do it!! If you meet someone you love their "look" whether its alternative or just unique.... invite them for a shoot. Pay for professional hair and makeup or find someone at a local beauty school needing portfolio images and collaborate together. Play with whatever modifiers you lean toward - ask the model to the window too -- play with the light you have available. If you notice in my image... the models pose isn't very dramatic. The smallest corrections in a body stance can make a powerful image. Don't be afraid to re-direct a model if you aren't digging their pose (show them a pose you do like on the back of the camera. Positive reinforcement goes very far) kind and always keep your shoots fun and positive and you will make magic! Good Luck!

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