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Nov, 2016

Sunday Swirl

As compliment to, hands down, the greatest brunch ive ever eaten, this deliciously photogenic cup of coffee had me energized for months to come.

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Behind The Lens

Steeping into the swirls of a caffeinated world, I closed my eyes and felt the weightlessness of it all. There is nothing more I could ask for being surrounded by warm people, hot brunch, and sweet, sweet coffee. This photo was taken at the world class restaurant Boulvardier in Dallas TX.
This swirly shot was taken at the bloom of 11a on one Sunday morning.
Natural light peering through the front window pane was dispersed nicely and I was able to capture this golden 'between moment.
Craftily, I built a water glass camera tower for my iPhone which I put on a 10-second timer. The timer is a trick I use with my DSLR photos as well. It allows me enough time to set the capture and live the moment with the subject, and in this instance, make the motion move.
There is nothing more inspiring to me than Sunday morning vibes. There are many things that contribute to this: delicious food, good light, and happiness. It is so crucial to interpret your emotions in your photography process.
This image was pretty much pulled straight from the camera roll. I believe some sharpening and contrast were added.
In my camera bag
In my pack I keep a dynamic set of prime lens starting wide: Sigma 24mm 1.4 Art, Canon 50mm 1.4, and a Petzval 85mm 1.4 Lomography. I shoot through a Canon 6D body that has its fair share of adventure-ware. I've got it strapped with durable climbing rope and crafty carabeaners.
My constant challenge is to surf along with the moment. I imagine as if I were filming a video, so as i am pulling stills that capture each expression, I am not missing out on genuine experience. A great tip to get closer to the moment: play around with your various Drive modes. pay attention to the sounds your camera make and use a 2-second timer; click the exposure and get creative! you will develop a time-based relationship between yourself, your camera, and your environment!

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