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pietnel October 26, 2016
Fabulous brilliant shot
aphotoaday365 January 14, 2017
Bernard3616 January 15, 2017
sergeyduhanin January 16, 2017
beautiful form
BrunoHeeb January 29, 2017
amazing shot
justingage March 12, 2017
Awesome shot that rips away from the boring catwalk shot you have seen a million times

Swim Week.

A view of the runway. Miami Swim Week.
A view of the runway. Miami Swim Week.
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Behind The Lens

Taken on the runway at Miami Swim Week.
Miami Beach at Night. In a tent. Appx 10pm. :)
Professionally lit runway. Constant lighting. PSA: NEVER use flash at a runway show.
Nikon. 70-200. No flash. f/4. Continuos AF.
This photo was made during the finale of the runway show and I played with the depth of field and framing to showcase closeup details and capture your attention while still showing the overall scene of the runway finale.
Very little post processing here. Cleaned up a few blemishes and tightened the crop.
In my camera bag
Go to lenses for me... both Nikon primes: 35mm f/2, and 85mm f/2. I could make an entire body of work with those two lenses.
My advice for shooting the runway: Get your credentials (who you're shooting for) and reach out to the organizer of the event. Make sure you're on the list. Arrive early. Being there on time is essential, even though most runway shows never start on time ;P Claim your spot! This is the main reason you show up early. Once doors have opened and media is allowed in... make your way to the end of the runway where they usually have risers or platforms for photographers/videographers. Get there quickly as these other photographers can be ruthless! Picking your spot: Dead center is always best, but the main media outlets usually have priority on this, so just get as close to center as possible and not too high up (this is my preference of course.. I love looking straight into the models eyes as they walk towards camera). I've even claimed a spot sitting on the floor dead center before (make sure this is allowed). Bring some tape.. and even a piece of paper with your name to mark your space at your feet. This is only if you leave your space for any time between shows (if applicable). Look stylish (this is a runway show), but also comfortable. You are going to be jammed in like sardines with these other photographers when the show starts, so keep that in mind. A monopod is nice if you're shooting a large telephoto and multiple shows. TECHNICAL: You will be shooting in MANUAL. Runway shows are normally professionally lit and provide an even lighting across the runway. Arriving early will allow you to test the light and lock in your Exposure and White Balance (usually between 3000-4000k). Shoot continuous AF (autofocus) with an aperture no larger than f/4. You need detail, so a shallow DOF (depth of field) would lose that, especially with moving subjects. Fast shutter speed is a MUST. You need to stop the action (remember - they are walking :P). 500th of a second or faster is ideal... this means you will have to shoot at ISO 800 of higher depending on the light... but that's ok. These images are normally only used for web, and small print. A little bit of grain is perfectly acceptable. One last thing... make sure you have a large FAST memory card. you will be making many images in a row very quickly and a slow card could bog down your camera. Cheers!

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