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Everyone Sees What You Appear To Be...

Oct 16-2016
© 2016 Melissa J Zahorodny Photography All Rights Reserved.

Oct 16-2016
© 2016 Melissa J Zahorodny Photography All Rights Reserved.
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Dalecga PRO+
Dalecga October 16, 2016
I wonder who that is?? Can't tell she's wearing a mask Ym.
trainwoman PRO+
trainwoman October 17, 2016
LOVELY..........and the quote is perfect
mjhousto October 17, 2016
What a great mask! I love the color. It really compliments the green in your eyes.
adavies PRO
adavies October 17, 2016
Awesome, Melissa! Just awesome! :)
KenBrakefield PRO+
KenBrakefield October 17, 2016
This is beautiful Cali girl. You are beautiful inside and out. Beautiful in every way possible. Thank you for sharing
DutchTouch PRO+
DutchTouch October 17, 2016
I would know those Hazels anywhere!
bordershots October 17, 2016
Who is this mystery lady !
JVendetti October 18, 2016
Love this! and the words, perfect!!!
mihrt PRO+
mihrt October 18, 2016
Your words are too true Melissa. Often people don't even take the time to go beyond first appearances - such a shame - also - unfortunately, people also 'translate' what they see by their own 'Mind's Eye' - Preferences and Prejudices - some miss so much in life because of this. Perfect image that demonstrates this Melissa!
kathyk_abq October 18, 2016
This is so full of symbolism - the mask people don't look beyond or see in their own mind because of their own prejudices...the mask that hides pain...there is so much to love about this, Mel, especially when you know the beautiful person behind the mask. ?
Visible October 19, 2016
Beautiful shot!
CallmeMarta PRO
CallmeMarta October 20, 2016
I love it !**********;))
Pauljeno October 27, 2016
So very true.
adriansart PRO+
adriansart October 29, 2016
Yes indeed Melissa they have to know your inner secrets to know you! Love the image as well!
waynecook November 03, 2016
Not only intriguing....but breathtaking!
AnneDphotography Premium
AnneDphotography November 03, 2016
there is my beautiful bestie ... love the quote and you :)
waynecook November 04, 2016
Now that I have chatted with you...this picture is so beautiful...riveted by the eyes...my god....
BenDufeck PRO+
BenDufeck November 06, 2016
So very cool, my lady!
KMallus PRO
KMallus December 03, 2016
Beautiful eyes!
michaeltillman PRO+
michaeltillman February 26, 2017
I like what you just said. Every spouse to be has to realize that the person they just met will be acting with one goal in mind; to win. I think friendship first is the way to go. Hopefully you both will remove the mask so you can see each other. I like the saying, and i love the shot. It was very well taken. Thanks for your support.
edj41 PRO
edj41 January 28, 2018
Very True!!
CORNSMOKE February 22, 2018
.... lost in this masquerade
Lovely !!

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