Goodbye 43...Hello 44...

I am committed to being a better person today, than I was yesterday...better thoughts,better decisions,better actions.
Today is the start of my new page...
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I am committed to being a better person today, than I was yesterday...better thoughts,better decisions,better actions.
Today is the start of my new page in my life..I want to Thank Everyone who has been there for me in my life..who has shown me true lastin friendships and love, who has never Judged me,who has lifted me up when I was down, and never made me feel like I'm a nothin and believed in me and my passion. Thank You for the ones that didn't believe in me, or my passion,didn't get to know ME for me, and Judged me...It only made me stronger. My Passion for life this year is going to be off the hook, My passion for photography is goin to be stronger then last year. So Goodbye 43 and Hello to my new age ...44.
4-7-2016 Sacramento,Ca
© 2016 All Rights Reserved Melissa Zahorodny Photography
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RuwanFonseka PRO
RuwanFonseka April 07, 2016
A very positive approach to life. Excellent, and all the best.
mihrt April 07, 2016
I loved reading your 'CREDO' for this new 'year' of YOU!! We can all only hope to be better people - be motivated by POSITIVE actions and POSITVE people. I hope more Positive People are attracted to your Imagery Melissa. May they learn from the beautiful images you share, and be inspired by what you share and in turn, what you are teaching us through your imagery. I have been inspired to learn to do Macros of Dandelions!!! I know mine will ever look like yours, you have your own beautiful style. But I think it is wonderful that we all can be inspired to LEARN MORE, BE MORE, SHARE MORE. Nature is a GIFT for us all to be a part of. Our todays become yesterdays far too quickly - I pray that you will MAKE THE VERY BEST of each second you are given in a day, and as you do so, may you feel the enrichment that comes from dedicating your life to being even better in every way. I am blessed to have had the opportunity to get to know the person you are - may we all enrich each others' lives in a Positive way here on this Photo Sharing and Learning Site. Congrats!! on your 44th Birthday. It truly is just a number. What counts most is the thoughts and feelings you attach to that 'number'. Enjoy this day, and everyday in your '44th' year. It can only get better from here!!!!! Thanks so much for your friendship! (BTW - 44 has never looked better!!) fab selfie you've posted to Celebrate 'your day'!!!
Nikonic PRO+
Nikonic April 11, 2016
...plus - she's got some really great socks!
trainwoman PRO
trainwoman April 07, 2016
You look radiant. It is a pleasure to see the new positive you. I know that your 44th year is going to be the best yet. Thank you for being such a special, caring friend
gunners42 April 07, 2016
Guess who.... nicely done.
kathyk_abq April 07, 2016
You look more like 24! :) Happy Birthday, Melissa! :)
iwalker5 April 07, 2016
Never a dull moment around a red haired Aries. Some of my best friends are Aries. Happy birthday - thanks for sharing :)
pegleg PRO+
pegleg April 07, 2016
looking good as per normal, as for age u dont look a day ove 30 so u have no problems there Happy Birthday lots of fun fun and lots more fun.
Angelvel April 08, 2016
Great selfie! Love that smile...:)
DutchTouch PRO+
DutchTouch April 08, 2016
You look maybe 24 Melissa!! Love those hazels!
KenBrakefield PRO+
KenBrakefield April 08, 2016
Look great Cali girl.
AHogue PRO+
AHogue April 08, 2016
A gorgeous self portrait! Happy Birthday!
oldgreybeard PRO
oldgreybeard April 08, 2016
Nice Melissa, my compliments to the model and the photographer :)
mcampi PRO+
mcampi April 09, 2016
You go girl.... Mark
Mother_Nature April 09, 2016
Keep On Keeping On my friend, Great selfie, wonderful coluors, edit ❤
SquareLife April 09, 2016
damianqueen April 09, 2016
Happy belated Birthday!! (No need to say you're ten years older than you really are!)
I love this!!! I think you wrote my thoughts exactly only they are your thoughts!! You are amazing and was it your Bday? Happy belated birthday sweet Melissa.
SuzMDixon PRO
SuzMDixon April 10, 2016
Beautiful selfie - Happy Birthday! I hope you have a great year!
Mugs PRO+
Mugs April 10, 2016
You go sweet pea - best attitude ever, keep those awesome thoughts and u will be fine. Happy 44, it will only get better! Keep shooting and hope u have a blast doing so! Mugs
headstandphotography PRO+
headstandphotography April 11, 2016
Join the conversation. Add a comment or even better, a critique. Let's get better together!
headstandphotography PRO+
headstandphotography April 11, 2016
Love it!
AmandaJayne April 12, 2016
Out with the old in with the new,never know what tomorrow brings,life is for living with no regrets,so keep on clicking Mel xxoo
terryc PRO+
terryc April 12, 2016
Your b'day was April 7? I'm right next door to you on April 6! But I've got many more years on you, Melissa! This is a wonderful self-portrait!
nina050 PRO
nina050 April 13, 2016
Absolutely lovely!!! You go, girl!
Johnny_G_Photography April 22, 2016
Truly stunning, beautiful eyes :-)
DebbieKMiller81 PRO+
DebbieKMiller81 April 29, 2016
Great shot Melissa
AnneDphotography May 07, 2016
absolutely perfect in every way bestie .... we love you for you and your a beautiful woman ... xoxo good things happen to good people , this year will be your best ! :) xoxo
Esilva77 May 26, 2016
bordershots June 06, 2016
Great eyes !
Chavis72 July 08, 2016
There are those gorgeous eyes!!
Angelvel August 04, 2016
Great selfie
waynecook November 18, 2016
Hi buddy :-)
john_arsenault January 01, 2017
43? 44? i can almost remember that far back in my life; almost. God, am i old!
MarkWolskyPhotography PRO+
MarkWolskyPhotography March 29, 2017
You have great outlook and spirit! With it you will accomplish anything you set your mid to. ????
cefem7 PRO
cefem7 October 15, 2017
Lovely Picture -Amazing Eyes.
hwishnick PRO+
hwishnick August 17, 2018
I think I'm in love!
harmeetsingh March 04, 2019
You are so Gorgeous perfect ten.
metoo PRO+
metoo Aug 26
You are a 10 ........... no wait........... you are a 11 !!!!!!!!
ricrog Sep 14
Cute look!