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didar_chy January 27, 2019

Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in Southern Illinois on a high school football field.
This was done in the evening. We did some portraits and other shots and I wanted the team shots to follow, as the sun was going down and giving me more dramatic lighting.
The sun was low, nearing sunset, providing for more dramatic lighting.
This was shot with a Nikon D300s, no flash.
I was asked by the senior captains of the football team to take some individual photos. They also decided they wanted some “together” shots, mainly of the group of them smiling and together, as they had all become close friends. I talked them into some “football” and other shots, and I decided I wanted a “taking the field together as captains” type of shot. The holding of hands, shoulder to shoulder, standing together as one team really captured the mood I was looking for.
I converted to B&W and toned the brightness down. I really wanted the dark drama contrasting with the sky.
In my camera bag
Wow. Loaded question. Among cameras, lenses, flash, too many memory cards to count, etc., etc., I now also carry a drone. I wish I would have had it on the day this picture was taken. Would have been a lot of fun.
I don’t always have an “exact” vision of what I want, but I know the feeling I’m after. Sometimes I surprise myself with what I catch, but most of the time I can dial it in based on that feeling and while I probably was thinking of using this shot in color, it didn’t provide the drama I wanted. Converting to B&W and post processing completed what I was after.

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