gailjdowle Feb 02
Love this! Great contrast and angle of shot!
moritzleonard Feb 06
great shot. love this spot in london
Ideameus Feb 06
Congratulations on your win, incredible composition!
Rafaphoto May 08
Superbly done

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Oct, 2016

London City Hall Tower Bridge

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Won Contest Finalist in Black And White Compositions Photo Contest vol3September, 2018
Won Contest Finalist in London Photo ContestApril, 2018
Won Amateur Winner City Life In Black And White Photo ContestFebruary, 2018
Won Contest Finalist in City Life In Black And White Photo ContestJanuary, 2018
Won Contest Finalist in Architectural Masterpieces Photo ContestMay, 2017
Won Member Selection AwardDecember, 2016
Won FeaturedNovember, 2016

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Behind The Lens

This is the south side of the Thames in London which is a redeveloped area of modern office buildings. In the foreground is the city office for the London Mayor and in the background Tower Bridge.
I took this around mid day.
What made this photo stand out for me was the area of thin clouds which were brighter.
I used a Canon 650D with a Canon kit10-12mm lens at 12mm, aperture f8 and speed of 1/200.
Tower Bridge has been shot from every angle, me included, and to honest it is difficult to get a great shot on its own. I've always struggle to get a foreground that provides a good composition. I was drawn to the curves of the Mayors office and the surrounding square and the juxtaposition of the two just worked so well.
I used light room to brighten some of the light areas to add more contrast.
In my camera bag
At present I rely on three lenses, a Sigma 17-50mm, Canon 10-18mm and Canon 18-135mm. My camera is a Canon 700D.
This photo is an example of what a little practice and basic equipment can do. I am pretty much self-taught through books, magazines and you tube videos and use low budget equipment. This was one of many shots I took that day from different positions. Just kept moving around trying out different views. Tower bridge was my main point of interest but I was looking for something in the foreground to make the composition. I just kept walking around trying different shots. what caught my eye here was the curve of the wall and city hall.

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