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Alarming — For the First Time Ever, Bees Added to the Endangered Species List
“If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no...
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Alarming — For the First Time Ever, Bees Added to the Endangered Species List
“If the bee disappears from the surface of the earth, man would have no more than four years to live.” — Albert Einstein
Monsanto’s expertise (lies) in genetically modified organisms. Will the honeybee be next? There was quite a stir among beekeepers and anti-GMO activists during the fall of 2012 when chemical and seed giant Monsanto purchased Beeologics, a small company best known for its “groundbreaking research” applying RNAi technology to honeybees, a process that blocks gene expression. This was Monsanto’s first acquisition of a pest control biotech company. What is Monsanto doing to our bees?????????????
While CCD is a complex issue, much of the developing research points to another cause: newfangled chemicals called systemic pesticides. Instead of being applied to leaves, they are enrobed on seeds or entrenched in the soil, allowing for the poison to literally become part of the plant.

Consequently, honeybees bring the systemic pesticides back to the hive in the form of pollen and nectar and store it in their honeycomb. When future generations dip into their reserves, they ingest toxins that target their central nervous system, affect their navigational capabilities and impair their memory. More importantly, the chemicals compromise their immune system – the No. 1 key to fighting any kind of microbial assault on the body, including a virus like IAPV.

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RavenHawk58 October 05, 2016
Outstanding. AND THANK YOU for commenting on them being put on the endangered list. It is more than alarming what is going on. The states is one of the few places that ACCEPT Monsanto.
cmlppphotos PRO+
cmlppphotos October 05, 2016
Excellent capture of the wings in motion!!!! Excellent image. Appreciate the background info too!
AmandaJayne October 06, 2016
A beautiful capture Doug.
chuckrickman October 06, 2016
Love the movement of the wings. Superior skills here.
trainwoman Platinum
trainwoman October 06, 2016
It doesn't get ANY better than this shot Doug. Wonderful that the bees are being added to the endangered list......
deborahconrad October 07, 2016
You can't stop us on the road to freedom, You can't stop us 'cause our eyes can see. Tupelo Honey-Van Morrison.
Mirza_Cengic Platinum
Mirza_Cengic October 08, 2016
Very nice macro!
Burkholder October 24, 2016
Fantastic skill in capturing the Bee! Great detail, composition, & lighting! Really sorry to hear about the Bees, but glad that they are on the Endangered Species List because of it.
MaryMulholland October 26, 2016
Wow I have tried to get one like this without success your image is totally stunning. Not so stunning having bee's on endangered list. Cheers Mary
StefaniaEymundson October 27, 2016
Wow...awesome capture!
bobbygirl November 09, 2016
Brilliant shot!
anitaselvog April 19, 2017
Beautiful Capture! Pictures sometimes really have a way of speaking more than words can. These are one of those little things that we too often take for granted. Hopefully we can turn things around for their sake and ours!
kathyk_abq May 17, 2017
Fantastic macro, Doug! I love bees and am happy to say that we have many in our yard.
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