The Rearview Mirror is smaller than the windshield

Having Goals and aspirations gives a person a perspective on Life. They are now set in motion.
The incredible amount of time to Like, comment then chat wi...
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Having Goals and aspirations gives a person a perspective on Life. They are now set in motion.
The incredible amount of time to Like, comment then chat with so many on VB is overwhelming.With all respect and Honesty,
can only do what one person can do. I do not play games On VB, or belong to any group that give likes and expect reciprocation. I care about and Love people, yet, this writer is hoping to rise above Poverty with Work and Devotion to my art.If you take my comment personally, you own it, It is not my luggage, If I truly like work, I will do so with a like, award, and comment, otherwise, the games are over.

NEXT a Prose by written by Catherine Pagano
written for me, we are (all) blessed

Walking your own path,
Staying focused on your goals,
Never straying too far...
Can become difficult
When immersing yourself
In those tempting distractions
Presented so beautifully...
When the realization hits
And you're feeling a bit
trampled and worn...
Collect your emotions,
Pause and take a deep breath,
Don't walk away resignedly...
Instead, take a running leap,
and soar above it all.
You'll know when and where it's right to land
and continue on your journey.

Thank you Catherine, My way of thinking
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25 Comments | Report
Mother_Nature June 10, 2016
Thank you Terry, I appreciate your kind words, and needed Encouragement to overcome.
Mother_Nature June 10, 2016
I thank you My friend Jo, I will be taking a break and get back to what I love MOTHER Nature- see you in a few days, and like your wonderful Outlook upon VB-and the way life truly is
Debrazig June 10, 2016
Very impactful words, Doug. Stay strong to the person you are!
Mother_Nature June 10, 2016
Thank you Very Much Debbie, I am happy you like what I have wrote
trainwoman PRO
trainwoman June 10, 2016
Stirring photo and words. Good for you my dear know my thoughts and prayers are with you ALWAYS
Mother_Nature June 10, 2016
Thank you Glenda much appreciated
mjhousto June 10, 2016
Beautiful shot, Doug. Well said.
Mother_Nature June 11, 2016
Thank you Matt, you are a good Man
Mother_Nature June 11, 2016
Much appreciated My friend, Rhonda a writer like you--That is high praise :)Thank you,
Mother_Nature June 11, 2016
Thank you Patty-- Daily learning-constant trial and error
sweetpea72 June 11, 2016
You know I always keep you in my thoughts and prayers, and I so agree with your outlook on vb, you know I dont do the game thing on here either. Keep bein you my friend. Much love and Respect to you ALWAYS!! シ
trainwoman PRO
trainwoman June 11, 2016
A lovely bit of prose from your friend are deeply cared for by many of your friends on here. She added a great ending to your words
Mother_Nature June 11, 2016
Thank you Melissa
Mother_Nature June 11, 2016
Thank you Muchly Glenda (Hmm Muchly)
Johnny_G_Photography June 12, 2016
Respect to you Doug. I love your view on life and the passion you hold for Mother Nature. Stay true to what you believe in and the world shall shower you deservedly with rewards of plenty. You are a genuine friend to many here on VB and they appreciate the work you share with them, just as you appreciate the work they share with yourself. All the best Doug on your wonder filled journey through life, wherever it may lead you ;-)
AnneDphotography PRO+
AnneDphotography June 12, 2016
fantastic self capture and way to be control of your own destiny ... well spoken words of wisdom ... and you have a wonderful talent and your work does inspire so many ... cant wait to see so much more of your work !
AmandaJayne June 13, 2016
My dear Doug you work is truly an inspiration to others , you stay strong and make the most that life has to offer Nature is the best way to escape from all of this your friend Amanda x
Natgirl73 June 14, 2016
Beautifully written Doug.
A_B_digital June 22, 2016
There is no place for insincerity in art. We should always be truthful to ourselves and only say what we feel - otherwise the whole idea of critique becomes a mockery. I don't belong to any groups on VB, I am a member of this site to see and criticise other people's art and to show and have my own criticised. I only wish to be honest with others and have them be honest with me.
You have taken a brave stance, Doug with your meaningful insights and honesty. I and many others are encouraged by your sincerity and your love of Nature and wildlife. While I realise you are going through difficult times, please be aware that you have many true friends on VB. We appreciate and applaud the stand you have taken in the protection and awareness of wildlife (and you're a damn fine photographer too!). Be strong, my friend, and take strength from the support and good wishes of the many members of VB who really appreciate what you do.
Zilyram June 22, 2016
Being reasonably new to VB I have always looked at images and decided whether I like them enough to award, as there are so many I sometimes feel overwhelmed so don't spend a huge amount of time on site. I always appreciate any comments, awards and likes received and certainly hope they are not made in anticipation of being reciprocated but in true appreciation of the work shown. As an amateur and non paying member of VB any advice received to improve is also appreciated. Stay strong and true to yourself :)
Effess PRO
Effess June 25, 2016
I am so glad you posted this. Beautiful...
mihrt PRO+
mihrt June 25, 2016
I am really sorry to hear that you have come Victim of anything that has caused you great sadness on VB. I experienced something similar but shook it off - the person did not 'steal' anything from me - I just won't stand for any nonsense from anyone. We are here to view, comment/critique and share. That is why it is called a Photo Sharing Community - this is not Facebook , Instagram or any of those other sites that can lend them selves to be used for other intentions. Know one can steal ANYTHING FROM US UNLESS WE ALLOW THEM TO - just don't let them - I didn't even know there are groups like that on here. But I have not been on VB for all that long. I just know that another site I am on won't ALLOW any nonsense. Keep on click'n and posting - you are well loved and appreciated and your wealth of knowledge about all that is Nature is so much appreciated!
Mother_Nature June 26, 2016
Very well said Gail, and yes Facebook-has become a JOKE-or always has been--noe peeps want you to Tag and Image so they can say --Yes My Image--- I will be out of there very soon, Here--not as Bad, and I agree-share-critique and move-on
deborahconrad August 25, 2016
What a poignant photo, yet such hopeful words. I see you Rising Above all that would take you away from your devotion to your writing and art! Love the prose by Catherine Pagano! Keep looking...beyond the horizon; the future holds great things for you.
StefaniaEymundson September 03, 2016
There is nothing richer than to see and hear the stirring of ones soul...thank you for sharing your self portrait, and personal thoughts. It takes strength and courage to stand apart.
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