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Spotted at Legoland Günzburg (Germany)

Spotted at Legoland Günzburg (Germany)
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Peer Award
McCasland TommyRamone Servar jtwphotos Bedtoretto RimmaGayn larrycheramie +31
Superb Composition
angelundercover moultriecoso MHoyt brodia65 billmcphail gerardkaman lnreed0447 +11
Top Choice
Greg72 sue-zon ss100 jameslevett markcote mariakeady RavenHawk58 +8
Absolute Masterpiece
gman176 Bobwhite shelleylittle brucesharock jdmarks64 lhartney charlesdpeters
All Star
gymmybob barbaranelson loveMustangs bradnel ivanfurman
Outstanding Creativity
premanandr_5230 lindabraithwaiteprince Linda49
Magnificent Capture
Lanky44Lanky442 bigblockcarl Gilleroo1



Top Ranks

All About Water Photo ContestTop 30 rank
Water Photo Contest 2017Top 10 rank
Water Photo Contest 2017Top 10 rank week 1
City Views Photo ContestTop 20 rank
City Views Photo ContestTop 10 rank week 1


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catherinethompson PRO+
catherinethompson October 02, 2016
Love it. Lego and so clever.
devilita October 03, 2016
Asides from capturing the beautiful moments as I walk through life, I enjoy building Lego and gardening. This trip to Legoland was a birthday gift from my husband :) I was very lucky that it was not too crowded, so I could take some nice pictures.
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