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Quidditch View

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Taken in Universal Studios, Orlando, Florida, in March 2014.

Taken in Universal Studios, Orlando, Florida, in March 2014.
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MaryAnne306 PRO+
MaryAnne306 November 03, 2016
Very cool photo, great POV.
devilita November 04, 2016
Thank you :D
BistraStoimenova November 05, 2016
Ha-ha, I was just going to ask what's the name of the castle :)
devilita November 05, 2016
;) The ever so famous Hogwarts. Happy that I deceived you there for a moment :D
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Behind The Lens


This photo was taken in the Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida, USA.


It was around noon but the light was awesome since it was a bit rainy that day and not many people where using the attractions.


The eerie atmosphere the lighting creates immediately reminded me of how it must have felt to play a Quidditch match on such a gloomy day and how it would look taking a sharp turn upwards on the broom.


This was shot on my mobile phone at that time. Unfortunetaley, I cannot remember the make.


From what started with a ton of photos of the attractions in this location soon turned into a hunt for the best angle. And I tried out some new angles right then and there with this turning out to be my most liked image. I guess, I am not the only one getting the Quidditch vibes when looking at it ;)


Minor post-processing was done to shadows and highlights.

In my camera bag

Nowadays, I prefer shooting with my Canon 5D Mark IV combined with my currently favourite lense: Sigma 105 F2.8.


Keep an open mind and try new things. It might turn out a bad idea but even then you have learned how not to do it in the future. There is always a lesson in trying, so stay ready to capture the moment.

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