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ovosphotography November 07, 2016
Gins1 July 16, 2017
Thanks :)

Behind The Lens

I took this photograph at a local National Trust garden in Kent. I am not the owner of the dog but I asked permission to photograph him as he looked so happy and I loved his "half-face". I am self-taught and still have lots to learn but I like this photograph.
I think this photo was taken during the mid-afternoon earlier this year.
The day was dull so not too many shadows, which made it much easier.
I have a Fujifilm EXR (bridge camera). I took the photograph hand-held and with no filters. It's just as it came out of the box!
I was actually out with my husband that day, taking photos of flowers and insects, when I saw this dog (and another) with some people who very kindly said I could photograph their dog. I like to find "handsome" animals to photograph. I have taken photos of a few other dogs and I was particularly pleased with the result of this one.
No post-processing, other than sharpening a little in Photoshop. I took the photo some while ago so I may have cropped it a bit and perhaps brightened the colour.
In my camera bag
I don't usually go far without my trusty camera! I keep it on my shoulder. I also keep spare batteries, a polarising filter, IR filter, Star filters and a hood in my handbag. I sometimes take a monopod with me, depending on where I'm going.
I always ask if I can photograph other people's animals. Most people are very friendly if you ask nicely! I try to keep it simple too.

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