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Rosley August 23, 2016
josephineamelia_0577 August 23, 2016
thank you!
crystaldusekorlando September 05, 2016
Amazing shot
josephineamelia_0577 September 05, 2016
Thank you!
dianelonggather September 05, 2016
Great Photo!!!!
josephineamelia_0577 September 06, 2016
Thank you :)

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Behind The Lens

This photo was taken in Temple,Texas, at a train station near the Whistle Stop, our children's favorite playground.
This photo is definitely my favorite. After spending most of the day indoors watching the thunderstorm, the rain finally lighten up enough in the late evening for our family to venture out for a bit. I took this photo on August 20, 2016 at 6:50 PM.
I love the natural lighting of cloudy days. Everything was perfect about our walk along the railroad tracks: the soft breeze, the warm air, the glowing grey sky.
I am constantly taking pictures, especially our our family. Time passes so quickly, and I want to remember every good moment. Photos are memories you can embrace long after you've forgotten details, emotions, circumstances, etc; they're mile markers in this journey of life. This particular day, I hadn't planned a photoshoot, but with everything being just right, we went for it any way! The only camera I had on me was my iPhone 6 Plus :)
After our photoshoot on the train cars, my son ran ahead of us. I watched him transform into an airplane, flying back and forth as he splashed in the puddles. My heart overflowed with love! His imagination is priceless.
A few days later I had some time to revisit our rainy day adventure. Only after applying a few filters to adjust the exposure and color balance did I realize how much more amazing this shot was than I had even planned. All along I intended to capture the reflection of my son's creative imagination, but the reflection I was looking at was a pure heart full of love, hope, and life. By flipping the original image, the perspective shows our lives are a reflection of God. Our eternal home is in Heaven, and while we live in this world, God is enthroned on the praises of His people. This, I named it "Two Worlds."
In my camera bag
Usually when I'm out on a shoot, I use the Canon T3i with extended battery grip and two lenses: 18mm-55mm and 75mm-300mm, adding polarizer and UV filters as needed.
I would have never captured this photo if I hadn't just used what was in my hand to make the most out of a spontaneous moment. We should never be discouraged by our circumstances but rather turn them into an opportunity for greatness.

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